The Vision of El Mirador de Poble Nou

girl standing on poble nou viewpoint javea

poble nou viewpoint

All at once, everything looks different. When you’re standing at what feels like the top of the world looking down, suddenly, the perspective shifts. Who’d have thought that just a short drive away from Javea, where everything is so low rise, that you’d find yourself with such spectacular views.

It’s not that often that we make a point to head up to natural viewpoints, we usually steer towards actual tourist destinations, bars or slightly off path beaches and the rest is down to luck. That probably doesn’t sound very blogger of me, but that’s what we like to do. Sure, it’s not particularly adventurous, but what really defines adventurous? This was no different. Driving along the country road, we saw the gap to pull over in, so we did.

girl standing on poble nou viewpoint javea

The sky was the perfect blue, the kind that makes you wonder if you’ll ever see a nimbus cloud again. The kind where the sea and the sky roll into one and create a picturesque view. The kind where you have to focus on the horizon to really acknowledge where the sea ends and the sky starts. The kind that when the plane flies overhead its contrails seem to last and last.

One of those days where you start to remember that summer is on its way. The spring breeze blows away the winter memories. You just imagine how wonderful it will be in summer. Until you remember that with summer comes the insect that bite you to shreds.

It was one of those lovely sunny days, the days I crave when they grey skies settle in. The sun shone and shone with its heat beating down. We’d just been the beach house in Javea where we had relaxed and listened to the acoustic live music and I had a latte macchiato. I had a piercing headache and I know its because I’d skipped my morning coffee. It’s scary how quickly we find ourselves reliant on our caffeine intake.


You start to incline and the buildings get smaller and smaller until they become just a part of the wider picture. A part of the view. You incline and incline and with each passing second you realise how significantly small we are in this great wide world.

I think there’s something incredibly beautiful to acknowledge that we are somewhat insignificant to the wider world. To the world, we are a mere person. We are small. We are a build up of atoms that will take our place in the circle of life.


Yet, in this moment when you’re standing there with your person, we are everything.

We are so insignificant to the wider world, yet to our family, our friends, our partner. We are significant beyond comprehension. I’ve always found myself craving to be high up. Rooftop bars and mountain views. It’s always one of the first things I google when we’re heading somewhere new. It’s why we usually found ourselves in a DoubleTree Hilton with a cocktail or two on holiday. If there’s a chance to see the world below and feel inspired, so small yet so significant, then I’m there.

If you’re looking for somewhere to rise above the Costa Blanca skyline with views of Xabia to the north and Calpe rock to the south and, if you’re lucky, a glimpse of the Valencia coastline then the viewpoint of Poble Nou is somewhere you should drop by.

Hasta luego,

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