Travelling the World via Spain

la nucia carbon bar barony of polop

Contrary to what the title slightly suggests, I haven’t found a get rich scheme to enable me to start making elaborate plans to travel the world, I haven’t started packing my bags and booking trips, but what I have done is started seeing the world of Costa Blanca differently.

cartagena spain girl in glasses

The world is one. We all feature one another, I’ve always known that. You’d have to be going around blindfolded to think that stepping into Valencia you don’t see elements of Madrid and Barcelona or stepping into California there are definitive elements of the Costa Blanca.

la nucia carbon bar barony of polop

But, as I wrote this I was sitting in the Carbon bar in La Nucia overlooking Polop devouring a margarita pizza washing it down with white wine, all I could think of is that this must be what Tuscany is like.

la nucia carbon bar barony of polop

The wine. The pizza. The mountains protecting us from every direction. The blue skies. The greenery growing flourished as ever thanks to our downfall of rain a few weekends ago. Everything about right then screamed everything I’d ever known and saw whilst in Italy.

The bar we were at sits perched on top of La Nucia offering spectacular views. The ranch style decor with a rustic feel makes you feel a million miles away from the Benidorm we’ve just left. It wouldn’t be out of place in Texas. A steakhouse that prides itself on meats and more meat. To be fair to them, the chicken fingers were incredible!


That’s when I started thinking about all the other places that throw you back to somewhere else in the world. The other times we travel the world without leaving our doorstep. Xàbia and its elements of Greece, the Guadalest reservoir and a village in the Alps or Altea and its flashbacks of Morocco and Spain collided. So many times, we head somewhere and feel like we’re somewhere else, even though we’re just a short drive away.

walking along main street altea spain

It makes sense. Spain has had so many influences impact on its architecture and growth over the years that it’s obvious that structural and architectural wise there would be similarities. But then I think about the world. The landscape.

We were all one, once upon a time.

The landscape changes from skyscraper buildings to open fields and towering mountains just by heading in one direction or the other. Within minutes, brown sunburned fields turn into flourishing green crops and the rugged coastline changes again.

poble nou viewpoint

When we were heading North on our road trip, we would always be so stunned that a few miles down the road would lead us to a whole new sense of landscape, architecture and wildlife. Everywhere was somewhere new.

We were once one world that split apart. But we took pieces of one another away with us.

It makes me think of the world. How much of the world left to see. Places I want to go and places I want to see. I am already thinking of where we should go for the Christmas holidays. Isn’t it funny? We’re all working and counting down for our next holiday, our next day off. We sometimes forget to live in the now.

The Costa Blanca is beautiful. Spain is beautiful. The world is beautiful.

It just needs to be discovered. I hope my blog helps you discover it.

Now excuse me whilst I head over to Skyscanner and find an excuse to search for a flight to anywhere.

Hasta luego,





2 responses to “Travelling the World via Spain”

  1. So much of the world to see and it is beautiful. Traveling is so good for the soul, and there’s no feeling like it anywhere when you go somewhere you’ve been before. Something about getting out of that comfort zone that makes us think near constantly about where to go next. As you’ve said, it’s easy to forget what’s near us. Great photos of you! 🙂

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    1. Totally right 😊 thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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