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If you’re a Disney fan then it’s now either a really good time or a really not good time. With more and more Disney films hitting the cinema recently it means more and more cinema trips for Alex and I.

Disney fans, the wait is now over. Toy Story 4 is out now in cinemas so we made sure to watch it on release day and write a review of what we thought of the newest toy story movie SPOILER FREE.

I must say, although I love the Toy Story franchise and everything about the movies it’s not my absolute favourite movie. I do feel some sort of emotional connection to the Buzz and Woody gang, but a part of me just enjoys it without being overly fussed. I’ve never jumped to get any bits and pieces from Disney nor any clothes, but I do love the little aliens. If anybody wants to get me the alien Pandora charm you are obviously so welcome.

It’s been a while since the toys from Toy Story first grabbed all of our attention and became one of the biggest franchises to take up residence in our lives. The trilogy known for its climax, action, comedy and emotional turmoil, I mean we all cried when they held hands heading for the furnace in 3, right?

Toy Story 4, with a running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes isn’t absolutely flawless, it’s not movie perfection, but it is a joy to watch the toys come back to life once more to close the final chapter and the addition of the new characters have been carefully constructed to add depth. It’s not a cinema masterpiece but it is visually pleasing.

You’ll be pleased to know that the gang are back together once more with the addition of Bonnie’s homemade toy Forky. The loveable yet slightly rude, fork with pipe cleaners for arms is a funny little character who brings his own voice and holds his own against a formidable gang.

Following the road trip that Forky isn’t particularly fond of, and even more so his new found life as a toy, quickly turns into a wild ride, with slapstick style comedy in a way only Pixar can.

Meeting up with old friends and new, there’s a recurring theme of the lost and the found. From the creation and finding of Forky, to the discovery of the silent dolls and Gabby Gabby’s voice, to a final goodbye to friends that were forever. Showing that nothing is ever truly gone forever, especially when you’re with Buzz and Woody.

Copy of Copy of La flor que florece en la adversidad es la más rara y hermosa de todas 2

I must say, I was quite disappointed to miss so much of the main gang and see more of a focus on Woody and Forky alongside Gabby Gabby and the creepy dolls that don’t talk. I enjoyed the reunion of the gang, but it just didn’t feel like the perfect ending to me. It felt like the chapter should have closed on Toy Story 3. Although there were moments of the film I enjoyed, I felt more like I was waiting for it to end. I didn’t even find myself almost crying at the end, which compared to the tears I shed for Toy Story 3 was quite surprising.

I think it’s a film that will appeal to a lot of children, which ultimately what Disney is for, but I don’t think it felt like a part of the Toy Story trilogy, it more felt like a start of a new chapter for Toy Story setting the scene for future films with Bonnie and her toys.

What did you think? Did you like it?

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