Exploring Nassau County, New York

Probably not the first place you think of when booking a flyby trip to New York, we booked to stay at the Ramada Hotel in Rockville Centre, NYC which gave us the perfect opportunity to see another side of New York.

Located away from the hustle and bustle of New York, the beautiful area is filled with parks, greenery and gorgeous houses. It was a great place to rest our heads after a comfortable but still long flight from Manchester. The hotel came with all the amenities, a good selection for breakfast and close proximity to JFK airport.

The best bit though for me was the walking distance to the beautiful park located just 5 minutes walk way through the Baldwin Neighbourhood. Nestled in the neighbourhood, there is a beautiful lake with a boardwalk and band stand that was a breath of fresh air from the craziness of the centre of New York just an hours drive away.

We fought to stay awake until gone 9pm to try and get a good nights sleep and adjust to the time difference. Waking up a couple of times in the night before being wide awake at 5:30, I’ll take that as a win. Especially as I’m planning to be up early for Disney. We know how I like to get as many photos as possible, especially early with less people in!

We had a really smooth flight with Virgin Atlantic, even landing an hour early! I managed to watch a few movies whilst indulging through the flight on meals, snacks and plenty of all inclusive drinks. I loved the afternoon tea an hour before landing which was a nice touch.

I had my BIODERMA Micellar water and water spray with me for the flight which made me feel so much more refreshed after a quick nap. It’s definitely a good addition to pop on to freshen up on a long flight.

I finally got around to watching the new Dumbo movie and I’m still mixed emotions. A beautifully visual remake on the original story with a heart warming ending, an improvement to the first movie. But, I still can’t get over the tear jerking abuse to Dumbo, which looked so real.

We’ve just had a Wendy’s at the airport, 12$ for a 10 piece chicken combo. With the american portions it’s perfect for sharing between the two of us!

We’ve had a great first night in the USA and can’t wait for the rest of the adventures to unfold. Next stop, Miami!

I have no idea how these are going to post as I’ve never uploaded solely on my phone so I hope that it all formats right and you can read and see the photos ok! If not, please bare with me! I’ll keep in touch as and when!

Hasta luego,



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  1. Looks like the perfect trip so far!

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