Changing up Fragrances 2019

daisy perfume fragrances campomanes altea

daisy perfume fragrances campomanes altea

I’m not big on make up, I’m not big on accessories, but I am big on fragrance. I’ve never been someone who likes to wear the same couple of fragrances on cycle. I’ve never been keen on having “a day fragrance” and a “going out fragrance”. Instead, I like a range of fragrances, every day is different and every mood is different. I like to reflect my fragrances on how I feel.

Some people love to have a signature scent and wear it pretty much their entire lives, whereas others, like me, change the fragrance as often as I change my socks. The truth is, there’s no rule to how often you change your fragrance. Some say you should change it every other day, others say you should stick to a couple, but in the end, it comes down to personal preference.

I see perfume as my own accessory. Just like I’d match a necklace to my outfit, I match perfume to my outfits. Does it match? Does it go? A scent can send a message, create an ambience or reflect a mood, I like that with changing up my perfumes and having a range of them, I have the ability and the power to do that. I’m not restricted.

Fragrances are a fun way to accentuate your look.

You can mix and match and get creative with your fragrances in the same way you can match your other accessories. Wearing a little black dress? Something provocative or sultry, like Agent Provocateur, would match. Wearing a floaty summer dress? Then a summery fragrance like Daisy Sunshine is perfect. Wearing a beautiful gown? Nothing else other than Tiffany will do.

I also find that my fragrances take rotation dependant on the time of the year. Light and floral scents are perfect when the springtime arrives and the flowers are blooming, meanwhile something a little more woody and spicy is perfect for a winter wonderland. Not to mention, heat also affects perfumes. Heat makes the fragrance smell stronger, so something heavy would be completely overpowering, plus, nobody wants mosquitos eating them alive because they’ve chosen the sweetest smell around. It’s all about changing it up.

Ultimately, having the same scent every day would bore me.

Here are my fragrances that I’m switching it up with this year. Some of these fragrances have been gifted, in which case I’ll mark them with a * and hyperlink them to the purchase page.

Tiffany & Co Intense

A rich and deep fragrance, this was my King’s Day present from Alex. It’s my all time favourite scent for something a little more classy and sophisticated. I seriously haven’t found a time it’s not perfect for.

Everything about the Tiffany Intense perfume is just delightful. Coming in a beautiful, almost diamond like bottle, it’s a fresh, feminine and intimate fragrance that lasts and lasts. It’s light and airy and perfect for daily wear, though it’s one I save for special occasions purely because of the price tag.

Missoni by Missoni*

missoni perfume with meditarreanean sea

The newest fragrance of the bunch this year, but one I am loving. Created by the Italian powerhouse Missoni, this floral and fruity perfume is perfect for everyday wear. It’s definitely one that I’ve used the most as my everyday perfume. It’s ideal for spring with the fruity top notes of pear and bergamot paired with the delightful floral notes of jasmine that follows.

The Missoni iconic patterns didn’t go amiss on the bottle either, it has a gorgeous bottle with so many colours bursting from it. It looks absolutely stunning on the dressing table as the light passes through it.

Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs*

daisy sunshine in the sky

Having always loved the Marc Jacobs Daisy collection, I knew I needed to get my hands on Daisy Sunshine, the limited edition perfume to celebrate the essence of summer. Being such a floral fragrance with fruity notes, it’s another one that, of course, is perfect for spring and summer days, hence the name. The scent of strawberry and marigold is absolutely perfect together and draws on past summers gone by.

Bringing a brighter and sunnier twist to the classic Daisy, this is a radiant fragrance with a juicy touch. It’s an optimistic and care free fragrance and one that I love using. I’m less keen on using this one everyday, purely because I don’t want it to run out! I seriously love the fragrance so only use it for “special days out”. I’ll definitely be taking it to New York with me.

Cloud by Ariana Grande*

ariana grande cloud

I’ve never been enamoured by celebrity fragrances until I smelt Cloud by Ariana Grande. Coming in such a cute bottle, it captures the essence of days at the fair, with candy floss filling the air. It’s such an uplifting and thoughtful scent that is almost reminiscent. It really is an expression of positivity, happiness and new beginnings. It contains a dreamy blend of lavender blossom, pear and bergamot.

I’m obsessed with Cloud for daily wear, usually on days I want to feel more inspired to write, I put on Cloud. It really does bring a sense of concentration and artistic perspective. It’s a fragrance I seriously didn’t think I’d love as much as I do, and that’s coming from an Ariana fan! It doesn’t smell childish in the slightest, with even my mum loving it, however, it captures a youthful scent in the best possible way. I can’t wait to wear Cloud around Disney.

Replica by Maison Margiela*

replica perfume gifted by world duty free

What better way to evoke the thoughts of past summers gone by than Replica by Maison Margiela? It’s a floral fragrance with main notes of bergamot, coconut and ylang ylang. It’s a modern fragrance that brings the sensation of taking a walk along the beach. Capturing the essence of a hot summer’s day with its subtle tones of lemon, it’s a perfect day time summer scent. It’s one that I always reach for when I’m heading to the beach, or want to feel like I’m at the beach.

Not being too heavy, nor sweet, it’s great for day time wearing as it’s not overpowering at all. Although it’s a pricy fragrance, it’s ideal for day to day wear thanks to the fact you don’t have to put a lot of it on to know you’re wearing it. This is one I’ll definitely be wearing in Miami and Clearwater beach.

Black Opium YSL

black opium flatlay tulips

With it’s glittery bottle, it’s a powerful fragrance that gives a sense of energy and intense. It’s one that I tend to reserve for darker days of the year, or one I’d put on if I was heading for a party night out. Being quite an intense fragrance, it’s not one I tend to put on in the day in spring or summer.

With an awakening energy of black coffee combined with the feminine  scent of white flowers, it’s a beautiful fragrance for me for the autumn and winter. It’s the perfect combination of light and dark.

What’s your favourite fragrance?

Hasta luego,

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