The Realities of Eyecare | My Specsavers Experience

flatlay glasses flowers magazine

flatlay glasses flowers magazine

Did you know 1 in 5 people will suffer with sight loss in their life? 1 in 5.

Everyday 250 people’s vision starts to deteriorate, in the UK alone, according to RNIB that means over 2 million people in the UK are living with sight loss which has a direct impact on their daily life.

That is why an eye test is so important.

Sight loss can affect anybody, but those more at risk are the older generation. Interestingly, I found out from the RNIB that nearly two-thirds of those with sight loss are women. People from minority ethnic communities and adults with learning disabilities are also at a much greater risk.

Even more thought provoking is that at least half of all sight loss is avoidable. Half.

That’s why this is something I wanted to share with you, state the facts to you and urge you to take that step to book an eye test at Specsavers. It really is important.

I know a lot of people put off the idea of having an eye test out of fear or just by thinking they can get by without. Glasses aren’t to be hidden away or ashamed of. In fact, glasses can be your favourite accessory that boosts an outfit from nice to chic within seconds.

specsavers wigston leicester

Today, I’m sharing with you my eye test experience which was kindly gifted to me by Specsavers.

A few weeks ago, I took a trip back to Leicester and whilstI was there I booked myself in for my eye test. After having my glasses for two years, it was time to go through the process and see if there were any changes and if I’d need lenses alterations. I was also ready to pick out a new frame.

The last time I went, I picked a very budget friendly practical frame at just £25. They have served me so well over the two years. But, I knew I would need different lenses and I wanted a fresh pair of frames.

I wanted a change.

I took my mum with me to my eye test and I think she was more nervous than I was. Considering it was a Sunday, it was really busy in the Wigston Specsavers branch.

It didn’t feel hurried though, at all. Nobody was rushing people through. The receptionist had time. The optometrist had time. the optical assistant had time. The store manager had time. You were listened to, which is something I feel is one of the most important aspects, not only in customer service but in the medical field.

Before your test, you undertake what is known as the Pre Test. I was called into the room where technology and diagnostic equipment is piled high.

I was seated at the cameras which take photos of your eyes. I was told that ultimately they’re looking for breakages in your veins in your eyes.

After a few minutes, I was called to spend time with the optometrist and undertake my eye test.

The friendly optometrist made me at ease straight away. He asked me a few questions about my health and lifestyle in general and made a few notes.

I read out a few letters from the test chart, choosing the smallest I could possibly see and I was asked to say which I felt was clearer, A or B. This is all to make a concise and accurate decision of which lenses are best suited.

After that, I was able to browse the frames available.

Being somebody who is quite comfortable with my style and keen to match, I knew which frames I wanted to go for. Even though they were very different to my previous frames. When it comes to glasses, I like a relatively bold look. Thicker frames but with a feminine style roundness.

I knew that I wanted a pair of Tommy Hilfiger glasses so I steered straight for those. After chatting with the store manager, he advised me to pick up a pair of sunglasses to go alongside with my glasses as somebody who spends a lot of time in the sun, a pair of prescription sunglasses would be a perfect way to ensure that I’m wearing my glasses enough. He told me that I’d notice a massive impact on what I am able to see in the distance and reduce my headaches.

It made sense.


I spend a lot of time in the sun and with distance being my weakness, sunglasses are going to be what I wear the most. I don’t want to miss bits at Disney because I can’t see them!

cartagena spain girl in glasses

With summer fast approaching, I opted to get a pair of Kylie Minogue aviator sunglasses which are so chic and summer ready. When I’m planning a holiday, I always like to plan in advance what I’m taking so I can feel more ready and it’s one less thing to think about whilst I’m in the midst of it all, especially on a holiday like Disney. I usually take a few pairs of sunglasses with me each time, but this year, I’ll be taking my fashionable and flattering Kylie Minogue sunglasses which match great with every outfit. It’s one less thing to worry about!

specsavers tommy hilfiger glasses

I also picked up the Tommy Hilfiger frames. With the 2 for 1 deal, you can mix and match sunglasses with glasses meaning you’ll have a stylish pair of sunglasses as well as a gorgeous frame of glasses, all for the same price! Cheapest frames free.


The best part for me about Specsavers is that there really is a frame perfect for everybody. No matter what your budget or what your needs, there is a pair of glasses that you’ll fall in love with.

specsavers kylie sunglasses torrevieja pink water

Glasses are a beautiful accessory and they help me see the world that we live in clearer. For somebody who loves to travel and loves fashion, my glasses choices are a big thing. Unbeatable style, quality beyond compare and affordable prices, that’s why I #LoveGlasses.

For a clearer world, book your eye test at Specsavers today and see what perfect vision could do for you.

Hasta luego,



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