Mocktail Madness with J2O

Advertorial with J2O

It’s summer, it’s hot or was before this torrential rain appeared, and we’re going crazy for beer gardens and bbq’s with mates. But more so, we’re going mad at the prices of “Artisan” food and drink and the whacky price tag that comes with it.

It’s madness to find out us Brits are spending nearly £40 on a night out, just on mocktails and soft drinks. As most of you know, Alex and I aren’t big drinkers, we’d much rather have a mocktail or a coke on a night out, so to see how much a selection of soft drinks cost, just to be made pretty is quite shocking.

J2O, who have been producing amazing soft drinks for a while now, have taken a stand against this madness and released their spritz range back in 2015. I’ve always loved a J2O, especially the orange and passionfruit, so I was eager to try their two flavours that were kindly sent to me, Pear and Raspberry plus Apple and Watermelon.

Both flavours were flavoursome and captured the taste that we know and love about J2O. I’m a massive fan of the apple and watermelon, which has a stronger apple than watermelon taste which I love.

Having such a grown up taste they are a perfect choice for a summer bbq or sitting out with friends at the pub. Both flavours are available at all major grocers and selected pubs and bars across the UK.

I had my J2O spritz with a few ice cubes dropped in. They definitely taste like a sophisticated evening tipple, without the worry of the aftermath. Meaning they’re great for work nights!

Whether it’s a rainy day like today, or a boiling hot day like the other day, grab a J2O spritz and have a refreshing guilt-free mocktail, you won’t be disappointed, neither will your bank account!

Be sure to check out the video here: Mocktail Madness


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