How To Get an EHIC

how to get an ehic

If you need access to emergency healthcare whilst you’re in Benidorm, you can access free state-provided or discounted healthcare at the Hospital La Vila in Villajoyosa, with the EHIC.

The EHIC is a European Health Insurance Card which entitles you to free or discounted emergency health treatment whilst you’re in a European country, like Spain. This is valid whilst we’re still a member of the European Union.

This means that you follow the same rules as a citizen of the country, entitling you to medical care in the same way. If there is state provided healthcare, like there is in Spain, it means you can access it too.

An EHIC is valid for 5 years, so be sure to check the expiry date before travelling.

How to get hold of one:

The EHIC is free to have, to get one, you’ll need to fill out an application on the EHIC website, or by calling the NHS. Once you’ve received your card, it will have a 5 year validity on it. Each card only covers one person and belongs solely to you. To use it, you’ll need to show your passport.

The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance and should only be used as additional protection. By ensuring you have travel insurance, you reduce the risk of large medical bills, delays in treatment and stress in the event of an emergency. The EHIC doesn’t cover you for everything, it is only valid for an emergency. It’s also worth noting that the card only entitles you to the same as the citizens of the country. If the citizens are required to pay for a certain treatment, you will too. Regardless of the fact you have the EHIC.

Having an EHIC is a great addition for your holiday and worth applying for as extra protection alongside your travel insurance. Make sure you get one before you jet off this summer.

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