Things to do in Benidorm for Solo Travellers

beautiful pink sky from the tossal at benidorm at sunset

beautiful pink sky from the tossal at benidorm at sunset

The first place I travelled to alone was in fact the “crazy city” of Benidorm. The beach resort best known in the darkest light of boozy brits and manic nightlife has a completely different style of holiday and spending a holiday alone which doesn’t have to be one to be worried about.

If you’re travelling to Benidorm alone, it’s a good idea to follow typical safety trips for travelling alone. Here are some general safety trips for travelling alone:

  • Trust your gut feeling. If it doesn’t feel right or you feel insecure, there’s a reason. Get the bus, or a registered taxi and head away from the situation.
  • Know the con games of where you’re going, for Benidorm, this will be the pea game. Find out more about them by clicking here.
  • Get to know a bit of the local lingo. You can access my free Learn Spanish guide by clicking here.
  • Find out about the local healthcare system and where you might need to go if you need emergency treatment. Find out about the Benidorm emergency healthcare by clicking here.
  • Stay in public. The heavily populated areas by the two beaches and 2-3 streets back are where you ought to stay. Avoid the yellow brick road and around Calle Gerona at night alone.
  • Keep where you’re staying as personal information. If you’re wearing an all-inclusive band make sure it’s kept out of wandering eyes view.
  • Stay alert and sharp. Try not to be complacent and walk looking down at your phone.
  • Sleep well.
  • Walk with confidence, if you’re not sure where you’re going – fake it!
  • Stay sober. It’s a good idea not to be seen looking vulnerable.

Now, let’s go on to the fun part. Lots of people travel to Benidorm each year, whether that’s families, couples or solo travellers and few come across problems. On the whole, Benidorm is an accepting city with plenty of tourists, expats and locals who will look out for one another.

Whenever I travelled to Benidorm, I would always choose Poniente. The much quieter side of Benidorm, it’s a lot quieter atmosphere and more of a getaway than a party spot.

Balcon del Mediterraneo in Benidorm Old Town

instagrammable locations in benidorm old town

One of the most photographed locations in Benidorm and a bustling atmosphere, the beautiful balcon, which is currently under construction [july 2019], is a great location for a hot dog or an ice cream overlooking the two bays. You’ll find stalls at night selling handmade jewellery, knick-knacks and hand drawn caricature artwork. It’s a lovely spot for spending a couple of hours.

Have tapas on Tapas Alley

Locally known as Tapas Alley, Calle Santa Domingo near the Queens Hotel is a locals favourite for eating your way along the street. Bustling around 18:00 most days, you’ll find locals starting at one bar with a caña (small beer) and tapa before heading along to the next one. You’ll have a blast heading between the bars trying all of the little delicacies.

Visit Benidorm Island

girl laying on sun bed at the island of benidorm relaxing in the mediterranean sea

A visible island from all of Benidorm is the Benidorm Island. Although there isn’t much to do on the island itself, it’s great fun to take the boat across with the glass bottom and see Benidorm from the island itself. You’ll also have a fabulous time relaxing in the shallow waters surrounded by fish, and dolphins if you’re very lucky. There is a small restaurant on site, though we’ve always found taking a picnic is the best plan!

Chill out in a bar

You’ll probably find that heading to a bar, you won’t be on your own for very long. People are generally quite open whilst they’re here and will strike up a conversation if they have seen you around. You’ll find that heading into bars regularly the bar owners will strike up conversation and other holiday makers will be keen to have a chat. If you’re looking for company whilst you’re away, a bar is one of the best places to be!

Relax on the beaches

spending time on the beach alone

Avoiding the awful drinks that are for sale by the illegal venders, the beaches of Benidorm are clean, welcoming and well-maintained. Stretches of white sand and the sound of the sea crashing against the shoreline can be all you need sometimes to switch off and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Head on a shopping spree

If you’re feeling comfortable, or you’ve been coming to Benidorm for a while, you could head up to C.C La Marina by taking the bus to Carrefour. You’ll have access to plenty of shops, restaurants, a cinema and bowling. If you don’t fancy venturing out, you can always head into the old town and browse the selection of shops there.

Benidorm Flea Market – El Cisne Rastro

The Benidorm Market is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays with the number 10 bus stopping just outside. There will be plenty of bargains, a couple of bars and usually free entertainment on Sundays. The market opens at 7:30.

Vsiit Benidorm Palace

For something a little more extravagant, a night at the cabaret can be a fantastic place to get dressed up, have a fine dinner and watch the entertainment unfold. Filled with entertaining acts, typical flamenco and ballet dances, it’s a great place for something different whilst you’re here.

Take the Tourist Train

Although more of a hindrance to the locals, the Benidorm Train can be a great way to see the city without having to venture out of your seat. Running every day, the train starts its route early in the morning and continues until late at night, every 45 minutes. There are two different routes, the Levante Route and the Poniente Route, both costing 5,50€ or 4€ for seniors in the winter.* Correct at time of publication. Each route lasts around an hour and you’ll find the stops scattered across the site, with the first stop at Ave Mediterraneo.

Take a Day Trip

guadalest mountain and lake beautiful location near to benidorm mountains and lakes

If you’re feeling comfortable, why not take one of the day trips to one of the surrounding villages or cities? Offering a completely different landscape and the impression of being a million miles away, Guadalest, Altea, Villajoyosa and Alicante are all beautiful places to visit whilst you’re in the area. Guadalest can be reached by car or by heading on one of the organised tours that you’ll see advertised either in your hotel or walking along the main strip. Altea, Villajoyosa and Alicante can all be accessed by local bus, tram or car.
There is plenty to do in the beautiful resort of Benidorm, you won’t be bored, that’s for sure!
Hasta luego,
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  1. Everything you’ve spoke about Laren is very true and excellent advice for people who go to Benidorm for the first time!! And yes, there are some beautiful places to visit which are a total contrast to Benidorm!! Great blog, keep them coming!! Linda xxx

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    1. thank you so much Linda! there definitely are!!! xxxx


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