Should I Book for the Escape Lounge at East Midlands Airport? | Review

escape lounge east midlands

East Midlands Airport has always been my favourite place to fly. It’s small. It’s relaxed.

Last year, I was able to try out the Escape Lounge again with my family which really was incredible. One price all inclusive relaxing environment. A one-off payment and you’re done. No scattering around for the money in your hand luggage. No excess costs. Talk about starting a holiday relaxed, start as you mean to go on, right?


The Escape Lounge is wonderfully clean and the food is great value. It’s enough to keep you stocked up and full for the flight, without feeling uncomfortable.

escape lounge east midlands

If you like, you can also get champagne and truly travel in style by having a champagne breakfast, without the price tag.

The coffee machine has a good selection of plenty of different coffees and there is a wide array of teas available, which is my favourite Twinings! Nothing beats a warming cup of tea or hot chocolate before boarding an early morning flight.


Whether you’re a full hearty breakfast or a cereal craver or you like to nibble on continental pastries, there will be something to please you! The lounge is a quiet oasis situated inside the airport, you truly will feel like you’re enjoying a relaxed breakfast in a quality hotel.

escape lounge east midlandsIMG_2906IMG_2905-2

The first time I went the staff were very helpful and constantly rotating stock to keep it fresh and of a high standard. The second time the staff were rather abrupt and stand-offish. The first time they were fully prepared for my arrival whereas the second time they didn’t know I was going in, I’m not sure if this made a difference at all! Regardless, after they’d found my booking they were much more pleasant and did apologise! I wouldn’t have said it ruined the experience and the food was still just as nice.

There is a selection of magazines that you’re welcome to help yourself too. Don’t forget, if endless scrolling is your idea of a relaxing atmosphere, then high-speed internet is available exclusively for those in the Escape Lounge.


Would I recommend it?

If you are looking for a bit of luxury then definitely. If you’re travelling as a family and not planning to eat or drink much then perhaps not as it can be pricey on top of holidays which are already expensive. If you’re heading on special occasion or travelling with friends and only have to pay for yourself it’s a great place to grab some peace and quiet and stock up on good food before the flight.

Relax in style. It’s your holiday. You deserve it.  

Book here: Escape Lounge at EMA

Shopping at the Airport

There’s a common misconception that the prices are priced up. Wrong.

I remember everything and nothing. So would I be surprised if I left my toothbrush for a weekend away? Would I be surprised if I left my bikini for a beach holiday? Absolutely not.

If there’s any way to save hassle through customs, I’m all for it! Travelling with hand luggage is perfect for me, no excess charges on carry-on. However, travelling with less than 100ml toiletries can be a pain. Getting them out at customs, putting them back in an already stuffed case. Not to mention, they don’t last very long. With the new policy with Ryanair, it’s much easier being able to put full-size liquids in your case that gets checked in. However, if you opt to take your case on board, you can’t take full-size liquids, they must still be under 100ml and taken out at customs.

In Superdrug at East Midlands Airport the products are the same price as your usual Superdrug high street shop, you’re also able to collect your Superdrug points, and students: don’t forget your NUS card because you get discount there!*

I love to shop, I tend to have a quick browse around a shop or two as I’ve stepped into departures. I haven’t been yet, but I’ve heard JD Sports has opened! I’m hoping to pick up a pair of converse on my next trip, saves me stuffing them into a case!

Is there anything better than a successful shop? I was at East Midlands Airport as Accessorize were selling off their bikinis! What a result. Needless to say, I was stocked up. Who can leave bikinis at as small a price tag as 50p? Definitely not me.

Talk about holiday essentials without the price tag!

Travel hack #2 ladies and gents: buy something from the airport and you receive a bag to take on board.

*as long as you have a Superdrug card!

Hasta luego,

diary of a spanglish girl signature

I was invited by escape lounges to try this out over a year ago but had already completed my assignment.

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