Decorating with Mapiful

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Recently we’ve been sent another couple of maps from Mapiful and I must admit, I find it difficult to take photos that do the maps justice in our small, not very nicely lit apartment. The photos really don’t do Mapiful justice, so instead, I thought I’d tell you my tips and tricks for decorating with Mapiful, and what my home would look like if I had space and the means to do it!

I also wanted to share a little backstory about why we picked our two newest Mapifuls and what it means to us.

Who is Mapiful?

Mapiful is a trusted company that make customisable maps that look gorgeous on your wall. They pride themselves on having excellent customer service, which has been verified across various reviews, very-high quality products, and stress-free delivery. Their website is very easy to navigate. They make fantastic presents or they’re great for changing up the decor in your home.

I’ve got a few Mapiful maps now and they are perfect for swapping in and out and completely changing the appearance of a room. Recently, we were sent the Mapiful in Coral and Lagoon.

Mapiful in Coral

The Mapiful Coral is a soft pink that brightens up a room. It gives a dreamy glow whilst embracing your favourite place. It would be perfectly placed in a child’s room too. It can give a rustic feel with a brown frame or a modern look with a solid black frame. There is also the option to pair it with Mapiful’s own frames that really do transform the look. Just changing the frame makes such a difference.


We chose a Europe map for the coral Mapiful, it seemed fitting to have a European map on the wall showing our home country and all the places across Europe we want to visit, but having Spain as the focal point, the place we are now.

Mapiful in Lagoon

The Lagoon colour of the Mapiful is beautiful blue, reminiscent of the sea. For our Lagoon I decided to opt for a map of London. The first place we ever went on a date. I made this one for Alex knowing that he loves the city of London. The Thames looks so stunning in the Lagoon colour by Mapiful. I’ve kept this one aside and wrapped ready to swap in for either Venice or Europe at some point when we fancy a change. I’ll be sure to show you on Instagram when it’s up!

I love how with Mapiful it’s completely customisable, that means you can change fonts, tags, zoom and all sorts!

Why choose Mapiful?

Having a high-quality map printed on the wall of your hometown or the place you fell in love or the place you can’t help but visit again and again can be so heart-warming. Chances are if you weren’t obsessed with Paris, London or New York you probably couldn’t get anything with your favourite spot on. Let’s face it, you don’t see many Benidorm or Leicester beautiful maps knocking about, do you?

Thanks to Mapiful and their website, you’re provided with the tools to design and create your own completely unique map poster. You can explore, zoom, search and customize all in a few easy steps.

Decorating with Mapiful

I find that having a poster on the wall acts as a secondary feature to the decor. We have a few Mapiful’s on the wall in the living room and they act as almost background pieces to complement one another.

You might find that you want to base your entire decor around the artwork that you have and make that the centrepiece, if like us, you want it to take a more background role, it can be great to change the designs up every now and again. Not only does it completely change the appearance of the wall, but it also helps you feel fresh again. Especially if like us you’re in a rental and can’t do much to the actual decor!

The ways to decorate with Mapiful really are endless, from sticking on the wall with tac up in the office, or a beautiful rustic frame and heaps of leafy green plants or even a completely minimalistic home in a pure black frame. They have the capacity to fit and match any home. Thanks to the recent colours that are available, this is even easier.

I’ve seen people decorate children’s rooms, studies, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, kids playhouses and, even gardens with Mapiful maps. The possibilities of where they can go truly are limitless. They make thoughtful gifts and you’re guaranteed to put a smile back on somebody’s face when they remember the good times that were spent there.

Have you got a Mapiful map yet? Head over to to start building yours today.

Hasta luego,

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