Autumn Beauty Essentials 2019

compilation of products for autumn beauty 2019

Now that the cold weather is settling in, I thought it was time to do some research into what are the best beauty buys for autumn 2019. After all, the days just keep getting shorter and shorter, the nights seem to extend long beyond what we’re used to and with the weather taking a battering to our skin, it seems like our skin is getting drier and drier.

We all need a little pick me up from time-to-time and our skin is no exception. 

After summer, it’s absolutely essential to change up your skincare regime. If you haven’t yet updated your skincare regime and made the necessary alterations, you’ll probably find that your skin is starting to crack, show signs of redness and just be generally irritating. Which, let’s face it, isn’t what we want.

Although I absolutely love autumn, I mean, who doesn’t love pumpkin-spiced everything, cozy jumpers and movie nights with the candles burning? It doesn’t necessarily mean such good news for your skin.

This post contains press products which were sent to review. To find out more about what this means head to my disclaimer.

10 must have beauty products for autumn

Autumn is paramount for changing up your skincare in preparation for the winter months that are on the horizon. Whilst a light moisturizer and a weekly face mask might have been perfect in the spring, your skin needs a whole lot more hydration when the weather cools down. It’s also time to try and reverse some of the dehydration you might have caused in the summer. Did anybody else spend a little too long on the beach?

Getting hydration to your skin (and choosing the right make-up to wear your new autumn outfits) is super important. Luckily, there are a whole host of products on the market, created to give that hydration and boost that we need this autumn.

BIODERMA Atoderm Mains & Ongles

atoderm bioderma hand cream

If you haven’t got BIODERMA hands & nails cream in your life, then you seriously need it. In fact, anything BIODERMA, you need it. Just got to the look fantastic site and add everything in your basket and I’ll guarantee you’ll love every product just as much as I do.

I discovered BIODERMA last winter and I haven’t looked back. So when I was sent a few products to give a go perfect for the autumnal weather shift I already knew I was going to love them.

The Atoderm Mains & Ongles is a daily repairing treatment that not only strengthens the skin (or hydrolipidic film if we’re being technical and that I definitely didn’t need to google to know what that was) but also lastingly protects the skin, acting almost like a glove.

The moisturising cream is a thick and rich cream that smells absolutely divine. Apply the cream several times a day and after prolonged contact with water and you’ll feel the difference. Not only do your hands feel silky smooth to touch but I’ve noticed my nails have been much stronger. Suffering a lot with brittle nails and a constant habit of picking them, since using the Atoderm hands & nails cream they are growing much quicker and, much to my delight, healthier.


RRP: £4.50 for 50ml.

BIODERMA Atoderm Lip Stick

atoderm bioderma lip stick

I have always been obsessed with cocoa butter lip hydration sticks and I seriously thought I’d never stray away from it. For years and years, I’ve trusted the same lip hydration stick and it hasn’t ever let me down. I knew that BIODERMA would have to be truly spectacular to make me stray away from it.

But, somehow it’s done it.

Since learning more and more about BIODERMA I find myself having fewer products from other brands and replacing them with BIODERMA. I’m not the only one either.

girl holding atoderm bioderma lip stick

With an active ingredient of shea butter, the hydrating lipstick from the Atoderm range by BIODERMA specifically targets damaged lips by repairing and protecting. With a raspberry scent, it leaves lips looking and smelling divine.

After using the lipstick, lips do feel soft and supple, just like they advertise it to.

I hate the feeling in winter when you open your mouth and you feel pretty much every part of your lips rip. The redness, the bleeding. I can’t cope. But, with the BIODERMA lipstick I know it’s going to protect me from that and give me the optimum tolerance to the external factors.


RRP: £5.50 for 4g


guerlain l'or make up base autumn products

This may be the most luxurious product I’ve held in my hands for a very long time and even if it did absolutely nothing else, it would still be worth it to make you feel like a princess. After all, good thoughts radiate out and make you look wonderful, right?

Well, luckily, Guerlain doesn’t just look pretty, it’s also a fantastic product too.

Exclusively to World Duty Free, the Guerlain L’Or base comes in a Duo Set (2x30ml). Let me tell you, this make-up base is stunning. Not only to look at but… the feel, the texture, THE REAL GOLD FLAKES! Rubbing it into your skin makes you feel like you’re ready to take on the world.


Guerlain L’Or make-up base is sprinkled with pure 24-carat gold flakes, so if you need a reason to feel glamourous in the morning, here it is. Dispersed into the hydrating gel, just a little bit of L’Or goes a long way.

The L’Or, once applied, gives your skin the boost it needs to radiate your complexion and gives it the power to glow with confidence. Perfect for using before applying foundation, the Guerlain L’Or base leaves skin feeling smooth, supple and satin-like to touch. Make-up is enriched and enhanced. It’s a dream product.

With World Duty Free you also have the option to reserve and collect. Save time at the airport by reserving the product which will then be waiting for you to collect in store before your flight. No payment is required until collection. Perfect if you’re heading out on holiday and want to save time!

BUY NOW: Guerlain L’Or Duo

RRP: £78.80 for the duo (2x30ml)

MAC Travel Exclusive Lip Kit Red

mac lip colour in red

I’m not the biggest fan of MAC so I wasn’t sure how I’d find the MAC travel exclusive lip kit in red. But, I must say, I do like it! The saving grace is, I love wearing red on my lips!

Whenever it comes to going out and getting dressed up, I have two looks. Completely natural with a little mascara and a little neutral colour lip. Or go all out with red lipstick. That’s it. That’s pretty much my quota.

The MAC lip kit really takes your red lips to the next level though.



IMG_2183 2



The kit, built up of three lip products, gives you flawless red-coloured lips. The first to use is the Lip Scrubtious which smooths your lips to give a soft and clean base. Followed by the Prep+Prime to prime the lips finishing off with the retro matte liquid lip colour in “Feels So Grand” to paint the lips in a deep true to shade red.

With the lip kit, your lips don’t feel dry at all. They don’t feel sticky and the best part, it lasts and lasts and lasts. After indulging on a pasta dinner (what’s new?) and a few glasses of wine (again, what changes?) the colour was still there looking as bold and vibrant as the moment I stepped out of the house.

For a bold shade that lasts, I’d definitely recommend the MAC lip kit in red for a gorgeous autumnal make-up look which won’t dry out your lips!

BUY NOW: MAC Lip Kit Red

RRP: £35.75

Clarins Glow-to-Go Highlighter Stick

Clarins glow 2 go duo review

I’ve not seen my face show so much panic in a long time as the day I first put Clarins Glow-to-Go highlighter stick on. There was sheer panic. I was quite convinced that it was completely the wrong shade for me and that I was going to look like a clown. Or, that I’d put it on so horrifyingly wrong, which was also very possible. Let’s face it, this is me.

But, after it was blended in it gives the most gorgeous healthy glow.

The Clarins Glow 2 Go blush & highlighter duo is a double-ended stick which contains a peach-toned blush and a golden highlighter. Dotting the blusher end to your cheeks and then applying the highlighter across the temples and the cheekbones give a radiant and healthy glow, meaning that dull wintery skin a thing of the past.

It can be a little tricky to get the colour balance right with the Clarin’s stick making it not great for everybody, but if you can get the tones right, it is a fabulous autumn/winter product.

RRP: £21.65

BUY NOW: Clarins Glow-to-Go

BIODERMA Ultra-nourishing Cream

bioderma products atoderm

Heading back to my trusty friends at BIODERMA, I’ve been obsessed with BIODERMA’s Ultra-nourishing cream. A fragrant free product, it comes with no tricks or gimmicks to make you fall in love with it. It just does the job it’s there to do. Almost like that unproblematic lad in the office who just does his job and goes home without causing a fuss or asking too many questions or getting in your space. That’s the ultra-nourishing cream.

With the sole purpose to nourish, soothe and protect your skin, the ultra-nourishing cream is a thick and rich cream which boosts the skin’s moisture levels, perfect for fighting back against the autumn/winter elements.

Patches of dry skin? Well, the ultra-nourishing cream provides immediate comfort by soothing and working into the skin, giving you the relief that you need after the wind and bitter temperatures have done their bit of damage. Suitable for babies, children, and adults, it’s a great product to have at reach in the house. Being hypoallergenic and paraben-free, just like its sister products, the ultra-nourishing cream is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

bioderma products atoderm

From the first application, you can not only see but feel the difference. Skin feels softer and more supple and it leaves behind a shimmering glow, making skin look and feel healthier. Ideal for use on the face and body, it’s a product that you’ll find yourself reaching for more and more. I’ve found it’s been exceptional on my elbows and knees where I tend to get dry skin. It really is a must-have product for autumn/winter.

For best results, apply to damp skin.

BUY NOW: BIODERMA nourishing cream

RRP: £12.50

BIODERMA Atoderm Shower Gel

atoderm shower gel

Your skincare regime should start in the shower. The BIODERMA shower gel is a perfect alternative to a high-street brand shower gel which won’t have your skin in mind.

The BIODERMA Atoderm shower gel maintains the ph balance, protects and soothes the skin to leave it soft and moisturised. The gel comes out then foams up.

The shower gel is a total holy grail when it comes to shower gels. I’m prone to get little bumps from sweat building up and I’ve found that the shower gel has really helped clear them up.

The scent is really nice too! It has such a fresh scent which makes you feel much fresher. It’s great for kickstarting the day. This is currently my all-time favourite shower gel which cleans you up and leaves you smelling fresh for longer.

It’s also an ideal product for those with eczema and sensitive skin.

atoderm shower gel


Hasta luego,

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autumn beauty products 2019

autumn beauty products 2019


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