Packing for Disney, 2019

Guess who forgot to upload this prior to heading to Disney? Yep, me! As I’d already written it, it seemed pointless to let it go to waste, so here it is. Here is what I was packing for Disney, 2019 incase it helps anybody else with what they will pack for America:

It’s getting closer and closer to the day for us to jet off with Virgin Atlantic to Florida and I have obviously been excited for a long time.

Going to Walt Disney World alone is a trip and a half, let alone adding New York and Miami into the equation so packing is something that I’ve been thinking of for quite a while now. Usually, when we’re jumping on a Ryanair flight for a weekend getaway I stuff some clothes into my Kånken backpack and be done with it. I might even throw in a mascara for good measure, but chances are, there are enough outfits for a couple of days, a few toiletries and that’s it. Anything else, I’ll get where I’m there.

This will be my fifth time to Orlando but my first time to America as an adult. Funnily enough, it’ll also be Alex’s first time in the states as an adult too and his first time to the sunny state of Florida.  It will be all of our first time in Miami and New York. I’ve written this hopefully to help future Disney goers plan what to take and probably more importantly, for me to not forget what to take!

After all, Florida gets incessantly hot and the last thing I want to be doing is trudging around shops to pick up the essentials I forgot to pack. Or worse, forget some of my favourite outfits I’ve planned, haha!

I’ll be taking my American Tourister hand luggage case with me to Florida. It’s such a handy, lightweight suitcase that rolls in any direction. It feels absolutely weightless which is perfect for when it’ll get weighed. I’m also planning to take the full-sized American Tourister luggage with the Disney pattern on it, if I can get my hands on it!

Kånken Mini Backpack


Quite possibly the best backpack there is. I wanted a Kånken for some time now but I always put it off. I wasn’t sure if they were as fabulous as they seemed to come across online. But, the reality is, they are.

I was kindly sent the Kånken full-sized backpack back in October 2018 and I haven’t been without it. After Ryanair altered their baggage policy, I’ve not had to check in my case for £10 or pay for priority to take it on board because the Kånken fits into the small luggage size. The best part is, the Kånken holds around the same as my case used to.

After using the Kånken for a while, I took it to work every day and stuffed it whilst travelling and it still looked as good as new. It held so much, it straightened my back and everything inside felt weightless thanks to its innovative crossover shoulder straps. I knew I needed a mini for the Disney parks.

IMG_4630 2.JPG

I’ve been sent a lovely Kånken mini in a pastel pink colour which will look absolutely beautiful in Disney. It won’t get in the way or get annoying like a shoulder bag and it won’t feel heavy and lumpy like other backpacks. It’s also super small so it will be easy for the security checkpoints and won’t be bashing into people on the monorail.

The Mini actually holds my iPad and a lot of space for extra bits and pieces. I’m not planning to take much with me into the parks, but it’ll be perfect for carrying my phone and any souvenirs I pick up, it will also hold my camera!

Instax Square 6


I was sent a gorgeous blush gold Instax Square 6 which takes beautifully square instant photos. I’ve been a massive fan of Instax for quite some time now, first getting my hands on an Instax Mini back in 2014 before it was stolen. I’ve also got the Instax printer which prints photos onto credit card sized instant photos directly from your phone and the Instax wide.

I love the Instax wide, but it’s just too big to carry around, in my opinion.


The Instax Square is a perfect addition for holidays as it gives a beautifully shaped photo which is available instantly. I’m definitely guilty of not printing anywhere near half the amount of photos we take, so it’s nice to take a shot with the Instax to then put in our scrapbook later. It definitely adds that touch of vintage. The camera itself is really stunning too.


ariana grande cloud

It definitely wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t taking a stock up of perfumes. I see my perfume as an accessory and different perfumes match different outfits, moods or activities. I’m taking Cloud, Replica and Daisy Sunshine with me. Cloud will come in for the Disney parks, especially Magic Kingdom. That mix of candy floss and magic will be perfect around the castle. Replica is ideal for beach days and the water parks, and Daisy sunshine is my go to for everything in between. Daisy Sunshine and Cloud will also come in for when we’re going out at night.



girl holding micellar water in bed bioderma

So I’m not having to give up my skincare regime whilst I’m in the states, I’ll be taking a few bits and pieces from BIODERMA. I swear by their Micellar water so that was one thing I definitely knew I couldn’t leave behind. I’m also taking some suncream and aftersun that was kindly sent to me as a sample by Bioderma.

Clarin’s Suncare

IMG_1101 2.jpg

World Duty Free have a fabulous suncare pack by Clarin’s that comes in a convenient transparent bag accepted by customs. Their suncream and aftersun smells absolutely incredible, I’ll be taking the factor 30 with me and will be sure to top it up regularly. It’s a great handbag sized suncream so it will fit perfectly in my backpack without adding too much weight to carry around.



I’m actually taking just short of ten days worth of clothes with me, in hopes that I find some bits and pieces in Disney and in the shopping malls. I’m taking three Tommy Hilfiger white t-shirts, my Tommy Hilfiger Trainers and Sandals, a Tommy Hilfiger beach dress and my Tommy Hilfiger shorts. I’ve set these as my go-to and then picked up a few Disney t-shirts to match around. I’ve also packed my white American apparel skirt, a couple of bikinis and a new pair of light brown ranger style shorts to match with an elephant t-shirt for Animal Kingdom. I’ve got a general idea of what I’m going to wear to each park, so we’ll see if I stick to it!



I recently went for my eye test at Specsavers and managed to pick up a pair of Kylie Minogue prescription sunglasses. I love the aviator style sunglasses but they’ve always had a funny fit on me so it’s great that I’ve got a pair of sunglasses that fit me properly and are also made to help me see better. I’ve noticed a dip in headaches and tiredness since wearing them, so they’re not only helping the aesthetic, but I’m actually seeing a difference health-wise too. Plus, the last thing I want is not being able to see the shows because I haven’t got my glasses!


I’m not planning to take a lot of jewellery with me, other than my Pandora leather bracelet and my engagement ring, I don’t tend to wear much. I will definitely be taking my Pandora x Disney charm necklace that was a Christmas present from my mum and dad a couple of Christmases ago though. I’ll also be packing my Pandora charm bracelet, it’s my rule to buy a new charm to match where we’ve been so I’ll need a Disney charm and a New York charm to add on!

I’ve packed a smaller case inside my checked-in luggage so that I can have a piece of hand luggage on the way back. I’m travelling really light so that I can make full use of the outlets in Florida. Next stop: SHOPPING. I’ll definitely be spending a good few hours in Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein!

Hasta luego,

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