Visiting the Benitatxell, Alicante Cave: La Cova dels Arcs

costa blanca caves

La Cova dels Arcs, one of the most magical corners to watch the sunrise, take photos of the caves and, the most popular of all, snorkel, is one of the longest underground watercourses in Spain to the sea. For those who love snorkelling, or love doing something different, a trip to La Cova dels Arcs is essential.

To the right of Cala del Moraig, in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, Alicante, you’ll find La Cova dels Arcs, a cool cave that is considered to be one of the best examples of history and drainage. For thousands of years, La Cova dels Arcs has taken batterings from weather, water and who knows what else, giving it its unique appearance today.

la cova dels arcs costa blanca spain

It is said that La Cova dels Arcs served as a refuge for sailors and an important water supply for the population of the surrounding areas.

After searching Benitatxell and things to do around Javea, Spain, and Alex being advised to visit by a colleague, we decided to head up to Javea to see the famous caves for ourselves. It is known as one of the most photographed spots around that area and a massive pull for snorkellers.


Arriving at the caves, I probably wasn’t wearing the most appropriate of clothes. Especially shoes-wise. Extreme caution is to be taken when heading into the caves as the rocks get extremely slippery from the seawater crashing against them. It’s also recommended not to go in when the sea is even a little rough, one slight wave can cause you to slip and fall into the sea and potentially get hurt by all the rocks below.

DIARY OF A SPANGLISH GIRL la cova dels arcs costa blanca spain

Anyway, the cave itself is protected by a small entrance with a series of artificial stairs. It’s also considered the exit to sea from the underground watercourse. Of course, to snorkel and take part in the longest underground watercourse in Spain, you should be an advanced caver, strong swimmer and snorkeller and be with a group.

BOY AT la cova dels arcs costa blanca spain

Once you’re off the stairs, it’s a case of trudging along the rocks. Through wearing sandals and not wanting to venture too far in, we stood by the arcs, the famous photography spot of the caves. It’s here where, daily, people gather to watch the supposedly stunning sunset, renowned to be one of the best places to watch the sunset across the Costa Blanca.

How do I get to La Cova dels Arcs?

From Poble Nou of Benitaxell, take the road that leads to the urbanization of Cumbre del Sol, “Carretera del Puig”. After around 2000 metres you’ll see the entrance to the community, where you’ll be able to continue on.

Around 500 metres later, there is a triple crossing in the form of a trident, take the wider, central road, following the last stretch of nearing 3000 metres. The route takes you to the beautiful Cala del Moraig, after a very steep downhill slope. At the end of this road, you’ll find the cave and the beach parking. You’ll see the entrance to the coves to the right of the beach, which is signposted.

Hasta luego,

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WHERE TO SEE la cova dels arcs


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