Benidorm November Fiestas 2020

benidorm fiestas november

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~ updated January 2nd 2020 ~

Now it’s November, it really starts to get kicking for all of the fiestas around Benidorm, the Costa Blanca, and Spain. The most anticipated one of the year for many locals and tourists is the main Benidorm fiestas which take place in November. The Fiestas Mayores Patronales are a big thing across Benidorm and a week which is guaranteed to be awesome.

But, when do the Benidorm fiestas start? What are the Benidorm fiestas like? Is it worth flying over for the Benidorm fiestas? What happens in November in Benidorm? I’m here to answer it all and more with my all you need to know about the Benidorm fiestas post!

Why does Benidorm celebrate in November?

Across Spain, each town or city has its own patron saint festival which is held in their honour. The fiestas last between 5 days and a week. During the fiestas, the celebrations take over the area and many businesses close. Those who are privately run usually decide to close and celebrate the fiestas. However, bars tend to run as usual and close the following week to maximise profits.

The Patron Saints of Benidorm are the Virgin of the Suffrage and Saint James the Apostle.

When does the Benidorm Fiestas start?

benidorm fancy dress party fiestas

The Benidorm fiestas start on Saturday 6th November 2020. They will continue all the way through until it officially ends on Wednesday 11th November 2020. However, one of the biggest celebrations of the Benidorm fiestas is the fancy dress party in the “British area”. The British Fancy Dress takes place on Thursday 12th November 2020. This is not an official part of the Benidorm fiestas, but is celebrated so widely that it’s more or less considered a part of the fiesta! Many people will travel specifically for the fancy dress party that starts near to Morgan’s Tavern around 15:00 and continues well into the next day! The Benidorm Fancy Dress party is the biggest fancy dress party in Europe, so it’s well worth dressing up and joining in the fun!

What are the Benidorm Fiestas like?

benidorm fair november fiestaIMG_6614

The fiestas are an explosive and exciting time. It’s one week of the year where there are plenty of festivities from parades, processions, street dancing, live music, arts and crafts, a fair and firework displays.

My favourite part about the Benidorm fiestas is heading to the fair at night when the weather takes a dip. It’s very reminiscent of a typical travelling fair in Britain and is filled with all of your fair favourites. I always love taking a trip on the Ferris wheel and admiring the view of the city below.

benidorm fair november fiesta

I love watching the firework display at night over the beach too. They take place on the last night of the fiesta and Benidorm goes all out with such an array of lights.

Other beautiful parts of the fiestas are the flower offering and the processions. Seeing the stunning traditional costumes and hearing the brass brand play is outstanding.

Is it worth flying over for the Benidorm fiestas?

benidorm fiesta plaza de toros november

This is a question I get asked a lot during the fiestas and start uploading my pictures and videos and it’s one that is rather subjective. If you love coming to Benidorm and you haven’t been a part of the fiestas before then I’d definitely say yes, just to experience it and see Benidorm in a different way.

If you are into Spanish fiestas and seeing all of the costumes, processions and live music then I’d say yes too!

There are many reasons why the Benidorm fiestas are a great time to head over to Benidorm, but if you’re more into lazying around the pool having a quiet holiday, then Benidorm fiestas might not be for you! If you’re more interested in the weather than the celebrations then it might not be the best time for you to visit either. In November, temperatures do drop later at night and daytime temperatures are much cooler than other times of the year.

Are you heading over for Benidorm Fiestas?

Hasta luego,

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