Halloween on the Costa Blanca 2019

walk along poniente beach benidorm all saints day

Halloween is a time that is celebrated widely on the Costa Blanca. It’s a celebration that puts children and their happiness at the forefront, so like always we celebrated at work by creating little handicrafts and we took some time away from hardcore book studying to relaxing a little with Halloween music and arts and crafts.

halloween crafts 2019

Though, at home, we celebrated a little less this year. With a closer to England timetable, Alex had the full week off as half-term which crossed over Halloween and All Saints Day, the National Spanish Holiday.

Every year, we have carved pumpkins over Halloween but this year, for the first time, we didn’t. Whether that was because time seems to be flying by drastically or whether it’s because we had our fair share of pumpkins at Terra Mitica or just because after work I’ve been so tired and between battling the seasonal colds, we’ve just not felt in the mood. Either way, the pumpkins weren’t around this year. Sorry Rio, I know you love nibbling on the insides!

We might not have carved pumpkins this year, but we did celebrate Halloween in Benidorm.

Halloween at Terra Mitica

halloween fright night at terra mitica benidorm

Halloween at Terra Mitica is my favourite time to visit the theme park in Benidorm. Staying well clear of the rides, it’s the only time that I love wandering around and seeing all of the decorations.


This year, they had three shows which started at 18:00. The last one was a twenty-minute show that finished as the park closed at 20:00.

We spent the day meandering around the park basking in the October sun. It was crazy just how hot it still was. The dip when the sun went down brought the autumn essence though so I cosied up with a hot chocolate before the show began.


We entered the park at 15:00, it’s more than enough time to enjoy the park and the decorations, plus it’s cheaper. Even if you are there for the rides you’ll be pleased to know there would still be enough time as the queues are no longer than 10 minutes for the “main attractions”.

Cinema to watch Joker

It’s 18:00 on All Saint’s Day and we’re currently on the motorway driving to Alicante as I write this. So, even though it’s slightly past Halloween, I think this still counts.

We’re going to watch the highly acclaimed Joker movie which is supposed to be both visually disturbing but also incredibly done. Let’s see how this goes.

I always think a good film night is what autumn and winter are all about. We’ve definitely watched a good amount of English films since having access to a car. It’s one of our favourite things to do!

Baked Goods at La Falua

pumpkin baked cookies for halloween

When I say we have really let Halloween pass, I mean it. Normally, I’ve baked banana bread or cookies. I hope I’m in more of a festive mood for Christmas. I don’t know if it’s the fact this year has been so surreal in more ways than one.

breakfast at la falua cafe benidorm

Fortunately, the baked goods weren’t gone completely. Our favourite café brought the goodies by bringing out complimentary Halloween shaped cookies. A coffee, tomatoes and toast and a cookie for 2,95€, absolutely steal.

BBQ Tray at Acqua Javea

bbq tray at acqua javea

Back in the summer, we discovered the BBQ tray at Acqua in Javea. For 22€ for the both of us, it’s a right meat feast!

dog dressed as batman for halloween

It was so lovely to sit on Halloween night seeing all the children trick or treating on the businesses with their costumes. Of course, Rio came with us dressed as batman and very much enjoyed munching on the steak, pork, sausages and chicken too!

All Saint’s Day Walk

walk along poniente beach benidorm all saints day

What’s autumn without a walk along the promenade?

We took a longish walk along the Poniente beach front just as the sun was setting and in the most reflective of ways, it was lovely. All Saint’s Day is a day in Spain where everybody takes a day off work to stay with family and remember loved ones who are no longer with us.

kisses with our cavalier king charles spaniel on the beach

It felt very fitting to be walking as the sun setting on another day.

I hope you all had a spooky Halloween,

Hasta luego,

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