Christmas Gift Guide 2019

christmas gift guide 2019.png

Now it’s November and I’m really starting to get into the festive spirit I wanted to share some of my top picks for Christmas 2019. After compiling a few gift guides over the year, I have been really excited to work hard on this one, and it’s taken a lot.

In fact, as you’re reading this it’ll be 2 months after I first started working on it. 2 months of photos, bits of writing, product testing and email after email. It has been such fun spending 2 months compiling the perfect gift catalogue, and some not so fun writing for 9 hours straight to get it up and ready for you with plenty of time to do your own shopping. I’m feeling hopeful that I’ve found some of the most wonderful gifts to appease even the most awkward of recipients.

I’ve decided this year to share the products with photos and a review of each product, of course, there is also a direct link so you can find out how much each product costs and add them to your basket if you feel compelled! These are just standard links, they aren’t spam and they are not affiliate links so I don’t make any money should you purchase.

I’ve not been paid to share these products neither will I make any profit should you click the link. I have however received press samples of some of the products in exchange to review. I haven’t shared all of the press samples that I received – only the ones that I believed were suitable gifts for the gift guide.

I’m hoping this Christmas gift guide will suit all of you, I know the majority of you have an interest in beauty, fashion and travel so I’ve made sure to target those categories. I also know a lot of you have children and grandchildren of your own, so I’ve made sure to include a few bits and pieces that might be suitable for those too! Here’s to hoping I haven’t missed anything!

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit and start Christmas shopping!

Diptyque – Ambre Félicité Candle (Blissful Amber)


I must say, when I first got into blogging I would see people with such beautiful Instagram accounts sharing their Diptyque candle and I would always wonder if they smelt as wonderful as they acclaimed they did. Hand on heart, if the Blissful Amber is anything to go by, they certainly do. This spicy fragrance is one that I can’t get enough of.

This Christmas, diptyque has the most inviting of candles which promises to give your home the festive smell topped with protection, luck, and harmony to bring you the most joyous of Christmases and for all your 2020 wishes to come true. With the scent and colours of three candles, it’s rich in amber, geranium, and lavender, which are all known for their relaxing and calming virtues. You’ll be breezing through the Christmas period with the calming essences which are bound to please your neverending guests.

diptyque blissful amber review

The dipytque candle is undoubtedly outstanding, the intricacy and the detail of the candle is absolutely stunning and it will guarantee to look gorgeous amongst the Christmas decorations or as a present over christmas. After all, who doesn’t love a relaxing atmosphere? Whether that’s for your other half, your mum, your grandma or your teen daughter, they’re for sure going to love a dipytque candle on Christmas Day.

The stunning colour blue also symbolises wisdom and peacefulness for the festive season and the year to come, which is something I think all of us are hoping for, for 2020 and beyond.



Introducing Dad’s new favourite gadget, The SUB by Beerwulf. What better than relaxing after work with a nice chilled pub-quality pint whilst lounging back playing Clash on the iPad and watching the TV? And they said men can’t multi-task!

Who wants to trudge out to a pub on these dark and dreary nights when you can enjoy the great same taste and quality in the comfort of your own home? The sleek and stylish design means that the SUB looks sleek and professional, whilst not taking up too much space at home. The small, compact home draught appliance will be the envy of all your friends when you tap premium beer from your countertop.


You’ll be able to indulge on all of your favourite beers like Heineken, SOL Birra Morreti and more crafy beers available in 2L kegs. Perfect for sports nights, lazy Sundays and Christmas get together, plug in and get ready to chill, to the max.

You’ll love that the beers keep fresh for 15 days and chills all the way down to 2 degrees. With over 30 different beers to choose from, it’s bound to be the ultimate treat for any beer lover!

BaByliss 9000

babyliss 9000 straightener review

You might want to take a seat for this because this is about to get real. A new era of hair straightening has arrived and I am welcoming it with the widest of open arms. Let’s face it, busy has become our default function these days. Whether it’s dashing on the tube to get to work or running between one meeting to another. We just don’t seem to have enough time in the day.

If like me, you’re constantly on the go, who has the time for a hair dilemma? BaByliss has introduced the perfect companion for those who value power, performance, and efficiency and, quite frankly, the 9000 is the future.

babyliss 9000 straightener review

How many times do you do your hair in the morning, only to brave the wintry weather to find that your once styled hair has transformed into a frizzy and puffy bush? Sounds all too familiar, I know. It’s bothersome. It’s annoying, and without a doubt, it knocks our self-esteem. Thanks to the cordless BaByliss 9000, you’ll be able to touch up your look anytime, anyplace. Yes, you read that right. CORDLESS.

How many times do you find that you’re travelling to a beautiful new country and the last thing you want to do is waste time in the hotel in the morning? Now, you don’t have to. Just charge the lithium-ion battery beforehand and enjoy the benefits of cordless straightening. The ultra-fast heat up and instant heat recovery means that you can pop the BaByliss 9000 in your bag and do your hair as and when.


The BaByliss 9000 is going to be my absolute best friend when it comes to summer. With the humidity and the heat, it’s far too uncomfortable to wear my hair down, but when it comes to photos, I hate having them taken knowing that I’ll look all head and no hair when I look back at the pictures. Now, I can pop my hair up in the messiest of buns, take it down, straighten it a little on the go and be ready for all the photos! It will be bye-bye to flicks, kinks and flyaways and hola to effortless stunning hair.

babyliss 9000 straightener review

The 9000 comes in the most beautiful of carry cases, the ‘Feel the Freedom’ printed travel storage case has a heat-protective lining which means that you can pop the straighteners back in whenever you’re ready.

I seriously thought these straighteners would make an ideal second pair, perfect for on-the-go, but I love them so much that they’ve actually replaced my previous straighteners and turned into my new favourite pair. They have a sleek design, which is lightweight and they’re comfortable to hold. With them being cordless, you aren’t fiddling around trying to avoid the cord. They’re super fast to heat up, taking only seconds, with three temperature settings: 160°C, 180°C, and 200°C. There is a sleep mode and auto-safety shut off for extra peace of mind. Included is the 3-Pin UK and 2-Pin Europe charging adaptor, so your straighteners are ready to travel, whenever you are!

Mr. Wonderful Stationery

I have been a massive fan of Mr. Wonderful stationery for quite a while now. Being one of the leading stationery brands here in Spain, it’s exciting to see them branching out into the UK. Not only have they released a whole host of English products, like the calendar and the desk calendar, but they have also rolled out some of their leading products from the Spanish collection.

I’ve always loved the lovely streets collection from Mr. Wonderful so I knew they’d make great gifts for Christmas. Not only is the collection of high quality, but they’re all visually pleasing to look at, with complete functionality. There is always an element of skepticism when you reach out with a new stationery brand, sometimes they look absolutely gorgeous, but don’t actually do the job you want them to do. Whereas with Mr. Wonderful, they not only appeal to all ages, but they’re long-lasting and of a really high standard. You just know that the products you order online will be as beautiful in real life as they seem.

I picked out some of my favourites to share and here’s what I thought would make great gifts for Christmas 2019:

Mr. Wonderful Lovely Streets New York City Powerbank

mr wonderful new york power bank review

How often does your phone die when you’re travelling and you reach for the trusty power bank? I’m guessing pretty often. This power bank really ups the game though, not only does it have an adorable design, but it has amazing features too. Holding charge for up to 6000 hours and having an awesome feature meaning it can’t overcharge or overheat, you can charge your power bank knowing that you’ve got hours of charge to make use of. Perfect for travelling around a new city without worrying about your phone losing charge.


You can snap photos and videos and upload to Instagram non-stop with this trusty companion by your side. What I really love about the power bank is the design is the same on both sides. The extra care to duplicate the design I think shows attention to detail on Mr Wonderful’s part. It also feels super soft too!

Mr Wonderful Bullet Agenda

mr wonderful christmas gift guide bullet agendA

With absolutely zero exaggeration, I’ve been looking for this product for about 4 years. A bullet agenda that is already made for you, ready for you to fill in and use as you please. I’ve always loved the idea of starting and maintaining a bullet journal, but for one reason or another, it always seems to fizzle away. The biggest problem is that I’m just not that great at setting them up. Cue Mr Wonderful.

bullet agenda review mr wonderful

The Bullet Agenda is one of the most awesome gifts you can give to someone who likes to write, get creative, be organised or wants to get into bullet journalling. If like me, they aren’t great at the initial setup, this bullet agenda is perfect. The pages are already laid out with heaps of different designs meaning that you can get started straight the way. The pages are of thick quality and you’re able to use fine-line pens without it seeping through to the next page. It also has a handy bullet dictionary at the back to help you keep on top of your journalling.

bullet agenda and coffee mr wonderful

The journal is a hardback book and guaranteed to put a smile on somebody’s face who wants to get into a bu-jo!

Mr Wonderful Lovely Streets London Umbrella


Heading back to the Mr Wonderful x Lovely Streets collection which is focussed around travel, I wanted to share one of my all-time favourites from the collection. Perfectly practical and the most gorgeous umbrella design I’ve come across, the London umbrella from Mr Wonderful has me hoping for rain so I can get a chance to use it often, though not too often, I still love the sun!

mr wonderful umbrella london review

The wind-resistant umbrella has such a gorgeous colour complimented by the most lovely of designs. They certainly live up to their name. Adorned with a gorgeous pattern around the edge of London, it certainly pays homage to the capital of England. With a light lilac colour, vibrant pattern and a solid handle, it’s the perfect companion for popping in your handbag. Perfect for battling the British winter, spring, autumn… well and summer. The umbrella has been carefully designed that it appeals to not only the young but the older generation too.

Mr Wonderful Lovely Streets Madrid Bottle

mr wonderful madrid bottle review botella

In a world where we are all trying to be a little more conscious and environmentally friendly, the Mr Wonderful Lovely Streets Madrid Bottle is a gorgeous choice for a reusable bottle. I had been talking about how I wanted to make a conscious effort to stop using so many throwaway bottles. Every day I walk to work and pick up a drink and I’m aware of what kind of damage this is doing. I wanted a bottle that made me want to fill it up and make a change.

I also wanted one that I knew was going to be of good quality and not start smelling or lose its pattern after five minutes. After all, what’s the point in making a change if all you’re doing is buying more reusable bottles to throw away?

mr wonderful madrid bottle review

The Lovely Streets Madrid bottle is exactly what I was looking for. It has a beautiful Madrid design, covered with different Madrid iconic spots and cute little Spanish captions to go with it. For anybody who loves the city of Madrid or Spanish culture, this is the bottle for you. It is airtight and the design is vibrant and clear. Just be careful to always hand wash it!

Mr Wonderful Lovely Streets Reusable Bag


We absolutely adore our Disney Parks reusable bags and make sure we pop them in the car to do our weekly shop with every time, though I am a little mad that we didn’t get one for every park now! I was in two minds whether we needed another bag to pop in with it, but after I saw the London reusable tote, my mind was made up. The bag actually exceeded well beyond my expectations of it, which I probably shouldn’t have doubted knowing the Mr. Wonderful quality, but wow, it certainly went above and beyond.

mr wonderful review london bag

The pink bag has so many gorgeous icons on it that resemble all your memories of London. The colours are bold and bright and really capture the essence of London. One of my favourite bits is how it has a fox icon which reminds me of Leicester and home. The bag though is of such high quality, the fabric is thick and feels like it can hold and endure an awful lot. Even better still, it has a zip pocket inside and a popper to close it. I really expected it to just be an open bag so the fact it comes with all these little extras makes it even better. It would make a great gift alongside a few Mr. Wonderful bits and pieces.

Slip Silk

slip face mask review

I’ve spoken about how much Slip has revolutionised my sleep pattern, so I was over the moon to get my hands on the new marble pattern pure silk sleep mask by Slip. The price tag might make you second guess it for a minute or two, but let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. Waking up after a night of deep, satisfying sleep is worth its weight in gold.

How often do we find ourselves trudging through the day feeling like a zombie from the afterlife? I know I have many times. All too often I was waking up and relying solely on caffeine to get me through. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn every hour. But after introducing the slip pillowcase and a slip pure silk mask, I’ve found that my routine is untouchable. Sure, I still have the odd nightmare, or the odd times I can’t sleep, but it’s far less common. It’s now a rarity to have a bad night’s sleep, rather than a rarity to have a decent night’s sleep like before.

The super-soft mask keeps the light out and therefore lets you sleep in peace. It is absolutely invaluable on long-haul and short-haul night flights. Flying back from New York, I slept peacefully and comfortably with my slip pillowcase. It also doesn’t pull off your make-up, so if you are a make-up wearer, you’ll sleep peacefully knowing that your eyelashes will still be in place when you rise.

cuddling cavalier king charles spaniel slip

I cannot recommend a slip silk mask enough. Give the gift of a gorgeous night’s sleep. After all, we all need our beauty sleep! Puppy cuddles not included.

Penguin Random House

anthony joshua flatlay book christmas

Over the past decade, Anthony Joshua has fought his way all the way to the top of the boxing world. After facing the legendary Klitschko, labelled the heavyweight fight of the century, Joshua battled through gruelling rounds to ultimately defeat the champion and find himself at the top.

When he first stepped into a London gym back in 2008, his rise to the top might have been unimaginable to those around him. Reading about his rise to stardom and his spectacular victories, like the Olympic Gold to a home crowd at the Olympics 2012, is bound to interest aspiring boxers and sports enthusiasts. Whether that’s somebody who is aiming for the top themselves one day, or those who enjoy the sport, Joshua is a figure that many admire.

As Oliver has taken an interest in boxing, I’m hoping he’ll enjoy reading about Joshua and finding out more about his history and backstory in which the intimate biography retells the story of his journey and development. Retold by a writer who has seen Joshua’s development and growth from the very beginning, it highlights his early amateur bouts up to his major title fights.

Shop on Amazon: Joshua



Christmas in the sun is one that many of you might be doing, especially those of you heading out to the Costa Blanca over the festive period. Many of us will be spending Christmas sitting out on the beach, or if not, probably thinking about the countdown for our next beach holiday once the festive period is over. Why not beat the blues and get them a gift to get them excited for their next beach holiday? Or get them prepared for Christmas on the beach with the revolutionary Tesalate towel?

IMG_0070 2

What is the most annoying thing about the beach? Hands down, the sand. No question about it. Most of us love to lounge about on the beach for an hour or two, but the majority of us can’t stand sand. Especially when it travels its way back to the apartment and the bed later on too. Well, the Tesalate towel is perfect for you, or your loved one, who hates the sand.


tesalate sand free beach towel review

Introducing Sand Free Beach Towels by Tesalate. The groundbreaking new type of beach towel that’s large yet lightweight, super absorbent and fast-drying and yet, completely sand-free. You’ll love laying out on the beach knowing that the sand will shake off straight the way! Sold in over 130 countries, there are thousands of happy customers and I have no doubt that you’ll be the next.

The Body Shop

the body shop christmas festive flatlay

There are so many things to love about The Body Shop, the cruelty-free brand is one that I think we could all raise our hands and say we love it. Whether that’s the beautifully smelling fragrances or the delectable hair products or the kind to skin skincare. There’s something that everybody is sure to love.

Boasting a wide range of vegan products, alongside its pledge to be cruelty-free, I’ve loved trying out the pieces from The Body Shop and I’m certain that your loved ones are sure to love it too. With bits and pieces from The Body Shop bundled together to make a homemade hamper, or added to a gift bag or box or tucked away in a Christmas stocking, they’ll make great gifts either for a secret Santa, friends, or family. Who doesn’t love smellies at Christmas? After all, you can never have too many!

I find that I get lots of smellies over the Christmas period which means I don’t have to shop for them for absolutely ages, meaning the money I’d be splashing on showers can be splurged on trips instead! Result.

the body shop carrot wash

The Body Shop Carrot Wash

One word: YUM. If there was ever a scent that makes you want to eat your greens, (or oranges), it’s this. Healthy never smelt so good. Enriched with organic carrots, which are too crooked to sell to the food industry, the vegan delight leaves your skin feeling cleansed, smooth and, energized. Knowing it’s vegan makes you feel good on the inside too!

We all love to take some time away to relax and pamper, which is why the carrot face cleanser is ideal as a daily facial wash to swipe away the daily buffers from the outside world. Enriched with 93% ingredients of natural origin, it is reassuring to know that you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. After all, if you can’t understand most of the products, it’s probably not the best. But, with The Body Shop, you know exactly what you’re putting in.

Don’t forget that the packaging is 100% recyclable!

the body shop juicy pear hand wash

The Body Shop Juicy Pear Hand Wash

Let’s have a show of hands, who here loves soft and smooth hands? That’s all of us right? Though most of us probably find that we tend to neglect our hands for far too long over the Autumn/Winter period and find that it’s too late before we realise it. Well, with The Body Shop, you’ll be lathering up in no time and feeling the benefits of soft, supple hands.

As part of the Juicy Pear collection for 2019, this cleansing hand wash is perfect for the festive season. Not only will your hands be soft and sweet-smelling, you’ll be right in the mood for unwrapping presents feeling clean and indulging in the long-lasting festive scent.

It would make a perfect gift inside a beautiful handmade hamper, or as part of a gift bag. Or popped next to the sink for your guests to enjoy over the busy visiting period. Enriched with pear extract from Italy and Community Trade organic sugar from Paraguay, this gorgeous handwash won’t be around for long so tell Santa quickly!

the body shop drops of gold

The Body Shop Drops of Gold

This place about to GLOW. The illuminating Drops of Gold is ideal as an instant brightener, which can be added to your foundation or daily face cream. Great for use on its own or as part of a mix, it will be loved by those who need an extra boost of glowiness over the Christmas period. Giving you an instant pick me up, you’re just one drop away from light and bright. Kick away the dullness and kickstart your look in just seconds.

I’ve found its ideal for popping on your cheekbones to give a gorgeous accentuated look or added around the eyes to brighten up your eyes on those less than glamorous day.

the body shop tea tree face mask

The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Peel-Off Mask

DIY Face Mask, coming right up. Who doesn’t love a face mask before bed? Pop on a festive film and have the most relaxing evenings filled with self-care with the Tea Tree peel-off mask by The Body Shop.

Simply add water to the vegan formula, mix and apply to skin. You’ll love how soft it leaves your skin without being harsh in the slightest. Enriched with Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya, this delectable face mask will instantly give skin a clearer appearance and make you feel decongested. Perfect for those unavoidable winter bunged up nights.

I absolutely love the tea tree scent. Lounging out on a Friday night with a face mask is one of the ways I love to welcome in the weekends, so chilling out with the tea tree mask was an absolute delight. I just know that anybody who already loves facemasks is going to love a peel-off mask as part of a gift set.

the body shop juicy pear

The Body Shop Juicy Pear Body Yoghurt

Another piece from the limited edition Juicy Pear collection, the light-weight body yoghurt is a delightfully festive formula that treats the body with up to 48 hours of moisture. After showering, it’s a gorgeous treat to slather on to moist skin to leave skin smooth and fresh, without that awful sticky or greasy feel. Made with pear extract from Italy and Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain, it certainly has the Mediterranean infusions.


The Body Shop Warm Vanilla Hand Cream

You can’t get many worthwhile gifts for a fiver anymore, but at The Body Shop, you’ll find lots of thoughtful bits and pieces and the Warm Vanilla hand cream is one of them. Battling the elements is inevitable over the winter period, so why not give them a helping hand with the Warm Vanilla Hand Cream?

They’ll be rubbing their hands with delight thanking you for the gift of soft hands with The Body Shop’s special edition Warm Vanilla Hand Cream. I’ve always adored vanilla-scented products and this one is certainly no exception. This non-greasy formula will leave hands feeling soft and smooth whilst leaving behind a long-lasting fresh fragrance of Madagascan vanilla extract, that smells so good you’ll want to eat it. Or at the very least, reach for a tub of Madagascan Vanilla ice-cream!

the body shop warm vanilla

Reminiscent of winters gone by, this sweet appeasing scent, like its Juicy Pear friends, aren’t around for long, so get yourself to The Body Shop fast to fill up your basket with lots of festive goodies!

The Bradford Exchange

the bradford exchange disney once upon a slipper

After Jane, one of my lovely readers gave Alex and me these beautiful ornaments I had to share them on my blog so you could see how lovely they are. They make a gorgeous Christmas ornament and they’re going to look beautiful on the Christmas tree.

With such an intricate design, these ornaments are hand-painted beautiful collectibles for those who love Disney!


They’re a unique and officially licensed Disney collection which are only available from The Bradford Exchange. The magic of Disney never stops in our house, but over Christmas, it gets even more… yes, it’s possible.


Our Christmas tree is mainly focused around Disney and travel so they’re going to look absolutely perfect adorning our tree this year. The Once Upon A Slipper Christmas Ornament set makes a charming and delightful gift for anybody who loves the magic of Disney and Christmas.

Pixi Beauty

pixi pretties review

With more colours than they’ll know what to do with, you can’t go wrong with a selection of goodies from Pixi Beauty, better still the Pixi Pretties collection is absolutely gorgeous and for sure going to be a huge favourite for Christmas gifts 2019. I have liked everything that Pixi has ever sent me, and the Pixi Pretties has been no exception. Filled with bold and bright colours the collaboration has been one of their best yet.


I’m always so flattered to receive bits and pieces from Pixi, from their personalized Vitamin C collection, their delightful skincare, and their beautiful palettes, I just know your loved ones will adore the Pixi Pretties collections just as much as I am. The colours will be perfect for creating Spring/Summer 2020 looks and will work just as nicely to create a flattering New Year’s Eve 2019-2020 look.

Brighten up their Christmas with a hamper filled with Pixi pieces. Velvety matte lip colours, bold eyeliners, flattering eyeshadows, and gorgeous highlighters will give you a brownie point or two when they open these!

Missguided Chill Babe

missguided chill babe review

Now, I was a little apprehensive about the Missguided eau de parfum for one or two reasons. I am a sucker for a beautiful bottle and I like my fragrances to smell luxurious and be long-lasting. I didn’t think Missguided would match up at all. But, it does hold its own as a lovely daytime fragrance.

I love switching my perfumes around and I’ve mentioned it loads before. I love collecting fragrances and switching up my scent. But, I do sometimes hate putting on a gorgeous fragrance just to go to work, it feels like a waste. But, on the other hand I still want to smell lovely and fresh, let’s face it, I work with these people!

Well, the Missguided perfume certainly exceeded all of my expectations. Coming in a can, it’s an interesting design. The floral fragrance comes to life with bursting scents of raspberry and pear sorbet combined with uplifting citrus. It combines with jasmine and rose topped off with a woody tone of vanilla and amber crystals giving a long-lasting fruity yet floral fragrance. I absolutely love wearing the Chill Babe in the day. It’s such an economically friendly fragrance too so makes a perfect gift for friends or as a stocking filler.

Universal Pictures

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t love curling up on the sofa, with a candle burning, watching movies and eating snacks? Even me, somebody who loves being on the go also loves to chill-out once in a while with a good movie on. As long as there are some hot chocolate and cream to go with it, I’m happy.

There are some fantastic films being released this year which are going to be ideal for a home cinema night.

the grinch review

The Grinch:

Illumination and Universal Pictures presents The Grinch. The Grinch, based on Dr. Seuss’ beloved classic. The Grinch tells the story of a cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl’s generous spirit. Has anybody noticed that The Grinch didn’t not like Christmas, he just didn’t like people at times? Let’s face it, that’s kinda perfectly acceptable! The loveable Dr Seuss classic is perfect for getting in the Christmas spirit! The DVD also includes 3 mini-movies.

the secret life of pets boxset review

The Secret Life of Pets and The Secret Life of Pets 2:

The Secret Life of Pets 2 tells the story of Max and his pet friends. Relive The Secret Life of Pets before continuing Max’s adventure in the Secret Life of Pets 2 as he battles with more trials and tribulations in the Big Apple.

From Illumination Entertainment comes The Secret Life of Pets 2. In the sequel, Max encounters canine-intolerant cows, hostile foxes, and a scary turkey when he visits the countryside. Get the whole family together for a family movie night, or pop it in their stockings for a Christmas Day surprise. I can feel a movie marathon coming along.

Soul Analyse

soul analyse affirmation band

Show them you believe in them this Christmas by getting them an affirmation band from Soul Analyse. The empowering bands part of the I AM collection are a wonderful gift, especially for those who find the Christmas period especially difficult or are struggling with their mental wellness.


The I AM collection has a beautiful selection of bands with varying affirmations that are sure to be a thoughtful pick-me-up for many who will need to hear it this December. The band reminds me of the Cartier band and looks gorgeous on.

soul analyse affirmation band

With YOU’VE GOT THIS printed on the band, it will be there as a little reminder that you have the power to accomplish what you want to accomplish. It reminds you that you have the power. You have the strength within yourself to achieve whatever it is you want and need to achieve. Whether that’s taking the first steps to building an empire or just getting out of bed today, the affirmation will be there to remind you. After all, we all need a reminder every once in a while.

Elago Charging Hub

elago charging hub gift guide tech

The Elago Charging Hub isn’t as white as I’d hoped it to be, instead is more of a dirty creme. The Elago Charging Hub was created to be a handy little extra either on your bedside nightstand or at your work desk. Keeping your phone, Airpods and Apple Watch together, it creates a little space to charge them neatly and together. Made with non-toxic silicone material it is made to last a while. For tech fans, it will be a nifty little gift for them to be able to charge their Apple products. Available in four colours.

Hotel Chocolat

Christmas is a time of… chocolate. And at Hotel Chocolat, delectable treats are aplenty. With plenty of festive goodies available online and in-store, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all of the mouthwatering offerings.

Why not mix and match the terrific trio on the 3 for £20 range? The Jolly penguin, Jolly Santa, and Jolly snowman trio will go down a treat in anybody’s stocking. For those on the nice list, indulge on the milk chocolate, caramel chocolate and white chocolate set for the sweetest of Christmases yet. So cute, they’re almost too good to eat… almost.

hotel chocolate christmas gift guide

Thinking more about the Christmas dinner than the Christmas stocking fillers? No problemo. The Yule Log Classic for £20 at Hotel Chocolat is as real as it can possibly get. How? Because it was made with a real log! 3D scammed elm log branch transformed into a festive yule log is as authentic as it can possibly. With 50% milk praline, hazelnuts and crisped rice, you and your family can indulge in the great taste of Hotel Chocolat from early morning present openings to double dessert servings.

Happy Shopping!


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6 responses to “Christmas Gift Guide 2019”

  1. Hi Lauren, Thanks for the Xmas guide, just ordered a.. you got this. bracelet for my granddaughter who’s receiving treatment for leukemia at the moment in hospital. Once again, Thanks. June Gay.

    On Sat, 16 Nov 2019, 8:05 pm Diary of a Spanglish Girl, wrote:

    > Diary of a Spanglish Girl posted: ” Now it’s November and I’m really > starting to get into the festive spirit I wanted to share some of my top > picks for Christmas 2019. After compiling a few gift guides over the year, > I have been really excited to work hard on this one, and it’s taken a lo” >


    1. Hi June, I’m so so sorry to hear this please send her all of my love. Hopefully the bracelet will be a wonderful pick me up for her. 💖


  2. Love this blog Lauren! I almost finished my Christmas shopping but I must try the pear hand wash you’ve spoke about! I’m obsessed with anything pear and have deorant and shower gel too! So Thankyou, I hear the Body shop calling 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

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    1. Ooh it’ll be perfect for you then!! We’ve got it in the bathroom and it smells amazing. Have a good shop 😘 xxx


  3. Thanks for this Lauren. Going to get the straighteners for my granddaughter as she’s off travelling soon 🎄


    1. Ooh how fab! Hope she enjoys them and has a great time Travelling 😘


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