Celebrating 30 Years of Fosse Park | Winter Looks 2019

christmas nights out at fosse park leicester leather

christmas nights out at fosse park

The weather has well and truly plummeted hasn’t it and no doubt you’re getting a little bit excited for the festive season. Whilst the kids are getting excited for their presents and for Santa Claus to arrive, I can imagine you’re all more excited for movie nights in and, of course, Christmas nights out.

If there’s anything that says countdown to Christmas it’s eating copious amounts of Christmas dinners beforehand and enjoying a glass of wine or three with friends. Well, with that means picking up a killer Christmas night out outfit, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found my go-to for 2019.

Back when I was in Leicester, I made sure I did my Winter Nights Out shop. Before I share my looks, I wanted to give a little backstory about Fosse Park and what this campaign is actually celebrating and what it means to me.

Fosse Park has always been my go-to shopping destination so to hear that they’re celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, for those that remember it was 1989 when they first opened, has got me all kinds of nostalgic. Memories of stubborn me going when I was 6 or 7 and believed Fosse Park to be some kind of play park only to get there and realise I was being lumped around clothes shopping in Addams and Tammy in BHS. Or back when I was 15 and would happily walk the hour and a bit walk from home to meet my friends and nosy around the shops before grabbing a bite to eat in McDonald’s. Or, the fact that many years later, I’ll happily fly back just to go shopping at Fosse Park, where the shopping experience is much better.

If only I could tell 7-year-old me that pressing the snake in Addams wasn’t the only highlight to Fosse Park. If only 7-year-old me appreciated just how clean, well-established and well-loved the shopping destination was, and still is. If only 7-year-old me knew that 18 years down the line I’d be heading to Fosse Park to celebrate its 30th anniversary!

Though even better still, Fosse Park is currently on its way to impress its 11million+ shoppers a year even further with its vision of creating an even bigger and better destination with more shops and food outlets in summer 2020. I can’t wait to see what shops make an appearance and find out what eateries are going to arrive. Although Fosse Park had a lovely Food Court, with Druckers being my favourite café for an afternoon tea, it didn’t have a lot of food joints, so I’m excited to see what they have in store for us.

You can imagine my delight when Fosse Park got in touch with me and told me they want me to help them celebrate their 30th anniversary this year by finding the perfect party outfit from New Look and Outfit. Sticking to £100 budget, the style challenge was set to me to find the perfect winter 2019 outfit that would make me stand out from the crowd. I knew that heading into New Look and Outfit to find pieces worthy of the bash wouldn’t be too difficult, there are so many stunning pieces, the difficult part would be choosing which one to go with!

The Faux Leather Trend is Back


I’d love to say that this was all part of a bigger plan, and maybe it was, but how perfect is it that Fosse Park opened in the ’80s and now, at the end of this decade, the 80’s fashion trends are back dominating 2019?

Well, leather is just one of the many ’80s trends that are back, alongside cycling shorts that I was sporting in Florida and oversized blazers which have been my go-to for heading to work. But, now we’re heading into colder nights and wanting to feel a little more glamourous, I opted for the leather look all from TOPSHOP, in Outfit.


If you did keep your eye on Fall Fashion Week, don’t worry if you didn’t because I did, then you’ll have seen lots of leather pieces creeping their way onto the catwalk. Now, without wanting to drop a few thousands bags on bits and pieces, I knew that when I was heading back to Leicester to do my shopping, I wanted to focus it around the catwalk looks, at a fraction of the cost and without actually wearing leather.

I absolutely love the IDOL Black Faux Leather PU Mini Skirt from TOPSHOP (£32) paired with the Black Ruched Satin Cami (£19) also from TOPSHOP. I actually love this cami so much that I’m planning to try and get my hands on the gold version when I head back to Leicester.

IMG_0256 3

It’s one of those outfits that doesn’t take much to put together but it looks like you’ve been getting ready for hours. I have wanted a pair of Doc Martens for quite some time now, so whilst I was back I went to Office Shoes, which is a few doors down in Fosse Park and picked up some of those too! Topped off with a Faux Leather Jacket, a Faux Leather Clutch Bag, silver accessories (I’m wearing my Disney x Pandora necklace and my Pandora charm bracelet), and a show-stopping red lipstick, you’re sure to look amazing at your next Christmas get together.

I love this trend as it’s one that will be timeless for me. I’ve tried to opt for clothes that can be worn time and time again and be mixed and matched with pieces I already have. I know that I can wear the faux leather skirt with lots of other tops that I already own and the cami top would look lovely paired with some jeans for a more casual “nice top and jeans” look.

leather look 80s trend vintage in benidorm spain doc martens topshop leather skirt michael kors bag from fosse park

leather look 80s trend vintage in benidorm spain doc martens topshop leather skirt

leather look 80s trend vintage fosse park toyata

The Yellow Check Trend


I don’t think there’s a style not to suit anybody at the moment. There is such a variety in the shops that it doesn’t matter if you love or hate bold colours or if you like to go big or go minimal, there’s a trend that appeases it all.

In New Look, I was on the fence whether to go daytime style and get a cute skirt, some tights, and a chunky knit jumper to pair with my doc martens, but without wanting to stray too far away from the celebration style and finding looks for a celebratory night out, I decided to steer towards the Yellow Check Trend.

I decided this would be a look that Cher Horowitz might approve of, but also be an outfit that can be worn in the day or at night depending on how you accessorised it.

The Yellow Check Trend is definitely more of a day-time or casual night-out look for me. I like that if I’m going out, I’m going all out. But sometimes, going all out is a little much. If your workplace is anything like mine and a Christmas party consists of going to a local bar and having a nice meal and a few drinks, a full-on party look might not be the option you’re looking for.


But, if you’re looking for something a little more low-key then a trip to New Look at Fosse Park could be a perfect choice.

I like the casual laidback look of the yellow trend, which also adds a tad bit of colour into the winter looks. After all, we’ll be in jumpers and coats for quite a while now, so may as well brighten it up with a touch of colour to lift our spirits. If the sun won’t shine, be the sun!

clueless inspired outfit yellow check fosse park winter 2019 doc martens

I love that over the past couple of years, the clueless inspired wardrobe has made its way back into fashion trends so I was super happy to find the Yellow Tube skirt from New Look (£9.99) paired with a Mustard Ribbed Top (£12.99) and the Cable Knit Cardigan (£25.99) to keep the chill off! Don’t forget to pick up a few pairs of tights at £4.99 each and some thick socks to go with the doc martens!


A huge Happy 30th Anniversary to Fosse Park.

Fosse Park is in the Blaby district on the Southern edge of Leicester. It is one of the biggest out of town shopping parks which boasts free parking and some of the best shops on the high-street, such as Outfit, JD Sports, New Look, Marks & Spencers, River Island, and Primark.  Find out more by heading to Fosse Park

What’s your favourite trend for Winter 2019?

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