Xativa Castle

If there’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go that’s relatively nearby for quite a while but constantly put off, it’s Xativa.

The idea of driving over 2 hours just for a day always made me choose somewhere else and push it for another day, but with 6th December being a bank holiday in Spain, we decided to use our extra long weekend as an excuse to finally explore Xativa, and more importantly, the Castle of Xativa.

Pulling up to the castle, after a fairly easy journey (I asked Alex this one!), the castle sits atop of the mountain side and looks a wealth of history and the kind of place that makes you want to sing Castle on the Hill.

Thanks to its spectacular positioning, its been the home to many a battle over its time. Walking around the castle you’re appeased with outstanding views of Xativa and beyond.

We had planned to just visit the castle entrance and get some photos. As we had Rio we assumed that he wouldn’t be able to go in. Although Spain is very open with dogs, we just didn’t think that a castle would be particularly welcoming.

How wrong we were. After asking the ticket office, we were told that dogs are absolutely welcome as long as they stay on their leash and that you have sufficient poo bags (and that you’re going to use them!).

The entrance was only 1,20€ each and you’re allowed to just browse in your own time. There is no time limit.

I loved that as we were walking around you could tell that Rio was seriously loving it. It’s not often that he has real grass to play in and it was so nice to see him jumping around in the grass which had dew on it!

Alex thought I was on a nature programme of some sort after I was intrigued in all the plants that were around. There was an amazing scent of lavender that filled the air on the walk up to the castle thanks to all of the wild lavender that grows there!

We spent a good couple of hours wandering around the castle gardens and getting lots of photos. There’s not much inside, the impressive parts are the gardens and the views that you’re treated to.

We all loved walking around the castle, it was completely unexpected how nice of a day it actually would be. It reminded me of being back in England and going on our weekend adventures with Marley to a park of some sort. It also reminded me in a way of Edinburgh castle.

We travelled north to Xativa from Benidorm and it was definitely doable in a day. I’m glad we had the day before and will have the day after to take it easy after all that walking though!

At the time of writing this, we’re driving back from the castle to Javea to have dinner at Chabada and its the first time in such a long time where I’ve felt like I can write purposefully.

I was starting to feel like everywhere we went I had already covered on my blog but also felt like I still needed to update so it’s been so refreshing to get out, explore and do some blog research. If you have any questions about the castle I’m hoping I’ve covered all the FAQ’s below!

When is the best time to visit Xativa castle? We went early in December and I definitely think we picked an amazing time to go. The skies are much clearer in the autumn/winter months as opposed to the hazy days of summer so the views are much more impressive. I also think it would be too hot to walk around in summer as it is a strenuous walk. There weren’t any crowds either which ande taking photos super easy.

How much does the Xativa castle cost? The castle is so cheap! For adults it’s only 1,20€ and children and concessions are even cheaper!

Do you need to book in advance to go to Xativa castle? This was absolutely not the case for the time of the year we visited. As we were with Rio we hadn’t intended to even enter thinking that he wouldn’t be allowed.

Can dogs go to Xativa castle? Absolutely! We had planned to just walk around the outside grounds and I had plans to get some photos at the entrance but we were pleasantly surprised to find out dogs are welcome to go in the castle grounds with you. They don’t cost anything but you must keep them on a leash and show that you have brought poo bags!

Should I do a day trip from Valencia? If you’re interested in history, castles or are spending a while in Valencia and have some free time then it’s definitely worth visiting. There are buses and tours leaving from Valencia daily for around 10€. There is a bar/restaurant onsite so you can make a day of it.

Hasta luego,

Lauren x


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  1. What a magical day trip! Love the photos & the views!

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