2019 Round Up

It’s coming to the end of 2019 and even scarier, the end of the ’10s decade. What did we even call those? It’s like the nothing years. We had the nineties, then the noughties and then the… tens? Anyway, at least when 2020 rocks up this week we’ll have the 20’s.

Anyway, slightly off topic.

The end of 2019 means that I’m nearing the end of my one second everyday video and if I’m honest, I’ve not been so focused on it as previous years. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with it, but on the bright side, there are a lot of second videos of Rio. Silver linings and all that.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year and if I’m being completely honest, I don’t really know where it went. There have been new people come into our lives and people so close to us lost along the way. It’s been a year of new beginnings, fresh starts and plenty, and I mean plenty, of obstacles along the road too.

We’ve had our kitchen done up, a new car, travelled on our first long-haul holiday together. We’ve had family move in just down the road and new jobs (for Alex anyway!). But as each day passes by and each day gets closer to 2020, I’m starting to plan what I want to do to make 2020 set off with a bang. Even though we still don’t have New Year’s Eve plans…

January 2019

walking to edinburgh castle bow in hair

With January being the first funeral of the year, we spent the first few days of January not really knowing what to do with ourselves. I think when you see the video, you’ll see what I mean. Although we spent New Year’s Day at our local café, there’s not a lot going on. At all.

Though, January 5th, we went up to Alcoy where the kings day parade tradition originates from. It’s a bizarre array of events, and quite a controversial one. We loved watching the fireworks though and the parade was amazing. The hotel was a disaster so we ended up driving home. The panic was doubled when Alex thought he’d put petrol into a diesel car. Luckily, it was a different diesel pump!

We then spent a few days breaking in to being back at work, but went on a day trip to Algar Falls. Rio loves it where it’s cooler and he loves dipping his face near the water.

It was late January where I went on my trip with my mum to Edinburgh. With flights supplemented by Flybe, the stay a prize from Jurys Inn competition (with a free upgrade for my blog to the dinner) and a press visit Scotland pass for 2, we had a great time seeing all the sights. I loved Camera Obscura and the Edinburgh Castle. I’d definitely go back with Alex at some point.

February 2019

girl standing at torrevieja pink water in kylie minogue sunglasses

Another quiet month, and I can see this being a recurring thing. Not a lot on the February front, but we did go on a few days out around the area. It was the first time we discovered the Spanish Steps in Calpe and Muralla Roja (though that’s definitely not worth the visit!). We also spent some time at the pink waters again in Torrevieja.

We also spent a day in Elche which we loved. The castle area was great and we had a great time up in the mountains, even though we didn’t find the waterfall we were looking for or the church!

March 2019

dancing on spanish steps calpe

I worked on a campaign with TikTok which was pretty fun! We shot some footage at different places around the area and mashed them together as a sort of travel guide. It included the dog beach, Calpe, Javea, and Altea. I also got my new Tommy trainers in March. I was so excited for Florida!

I went back to England for a weekend in March for Mother’s Day. I had my hair done at Malcolm Murphy and visited my grandparents. We also visited the church in altea for the first time too.

Late March, we went to the Alicante castle for a day out and on the Sunday we walked from Benidorm to Villajoyosa! Such a long walk but it brought some outstanding views. We also spent a day walking up the Calpe rock which brings beautiful views too.

That reminds me, we ought to go for a walk again soon…

April 2019

saint michael russian orthodox church altea

I spent another weekend back in England for April, well, 18 hours or so. A campaign I was supposed to work on fell through so I ended up forking out for expensive flights when I could’ve gone for an entire weekend another time for cheaper. Never mind.

Easter came around mid April and we finally visited the botanical garden in Altea. It was so gorgeous and relaxing. With hammocks and treehouses dotted around it’s such a prime spot for sunbathing and chilling out. Not to mention all of the exotic plants that embody it.

Then came the storms. Easter was quiet and the weather was the biggest reason for that. It was a couple of weeks filled with films, card games and not a lot else!

Late April, a friend of mine came to visit so we took her to Calpe and Javea. Rio loves climbing the rocks on the Arenal and it’s one of my prime photo spots!

May 2019

It was another quiet month, partly because we were starting to save massively for Florida and partly because we were working so much. We did go back for a weekend to England though and I’m so glad we did as it meant we saw my grandad before he took ill. The rest of the month passed by as a blur, with nothing being of particular interest.

June 2019

san juan 2019 picnic on the beach

We visited the hotel in Altea and had a dip in the pool. It was early June that we had news of my grandad, standing in Tommy Hilfiger in Alicante we sat booking the next available flight for me. We found one leaving the following morning so off I went. I missed a few days of work and Alex covered for me. I managed to see my grandad for a few days before he sadly passed away.

June was pretty traumatic on the whole which meant I wasn’t particularly looking forward to my birthday. With my Dad having an accident at work and my grandad, one of my absolute favourite people gone, I wasn’t in the most excited of moods.

Finishing work for summer and having lots of presents from the children, as well as cinema nights and San Juan arriving did mean that we were able to disconnect ourselves for a bit. Alex planned a lovely birthday for me, having a cake made from my favourite cafe and dinner at Ginos.

July 2019

orlando florida phot out side disney castle

July was a strange start. Even though we were off work and I was enjoying the days at the beach and so so so excited for Florida, there was also the looming of my granddads funeral which I was truth be told, dreading. I knew I wouldn’t cope.

After the sadness, it was time for America and I was so excited. We drove up to Manchester the day before and it wasn’t long before we were in New York. Every day of America was as magical as the one before. Disney days, days around Rockville, Miami. It was all fantastic and I’m already planning to go again.

We got back at the end of July and I didn’t want to leave!

August 2019

We were still off work for a few more weeks so it was days at the beach and days trying not to melt into a puddle. My family came over to visit mid august just when I was starting back work. That’s when my dad and Alex did up the kitchen putting up worktops and fitting appliances. We finally got a dishwasher! We also bought a new car! It felt like August was our fresh start. I had started back work and Alex was preparing to start at his new school. It almost felt like the start of a new year.

Just before Alex went back to work we spent a weekend in Granada. We stayed in the most beautiful of houses that overlooked the Alhambra. We lost count the amount of nasty dogs we came across, but one huge dog really attacked Rio. I still have no idea how we managed to save him together and how I managed to drag this dog off of him. But Rio came away unscathed. It was the scariest of times and meant that we were very quick to leave Granada the next day.

September 2019

beautiful view of la alhambra in granada

We woke up in Granada on September 1st, I enjoyed walking around the Alhambra for the first time! Though it wasn’t the same doing it alone. There were a few quiet days before Alex’s birthday on 7th. We had another Ginos trip, this time with my mum and nan.

It was that weekend that we saw Asa singing for the first time. We had my Nan over for a few weeks in September but with us working there wasn’t much to do. We went to see Downton Abbey late September, which was a nice night out.

October 2019

Rio went to visit his new dog sitters and he absolutely loved it. We knew he’d settle right in when he’d be back in December. I received a lovely parcel from Mr Wonderful and wanted to start agenda planning right away.

My family came back over to visit in October with their friend and her son.

We also went to Terra Mitica for the scarefest which was a great day out!

November 2019

leather look 80s trend vintage in benidorm spain doc martens topshop leather skirt michael kors bag from fosse park

It was undoubtably another quiet month. We had a few day trips here and there. Mainly to Javea and Altea. I spent another weekend in England working on a campaign with Fosse Park. Alex went off to Madrid with work so I stayed with friends for a few days.

It was then the Benidorm fiestas so we made sure to go to the fair! We also met up with Jane at her hotel where she had bought us two beautiful Disney baubles. We also watched Frozen 2 in November and we both loved it!

December 2019

This year has been a blur. Even looking back at the highlights it’s been quite quiet compared to other years. We did visit Xativa for the first time and we had an awesome time at the castle. We really liked that Rio was able to walk around with us. It was quite a drive to get there but well worth a day out.

We headed back to England the following weekend whilst Rio stayed with his sitters. He had the best time. He was groomed, he spent time running in the fields and he had plenty of cuddles with them and their dogs. He was quite livid when we picked him up. We too had a good time in England. We met up with Alex’s family for coffee and cake at John Lewis and my favourite cafe in St Martin’s Square before heading for our first Christmas party of the year with my family.

Just before Christmas we went to watch Star Wars in Alicante with Oliver and dad. Alex was impressed with the movie, I think!

The next few days we were preparing for finishing for Christmas so it meant plenty of Christmas songs, Christmas crafts and tuning down. On the Friday, Alex had a double Christmas dinner, one with his work and one with mine. We had a fabulous meal consisting of steak, pizza and other bits before going to the Villa nightclub.

It was then that Marley and Rio met for the first time. They have turned into best friends, loving each other from the second they met. As my family have started making their apartment a home, we’ve had a quiet few days preparing for Christmas dinner. We hosted this year and spent forever planning the table. We went for a traditional looking palette, with a quirky hanger that went over the top with baubles dangling down. There is a little fox hanging up as a subtle nod to my grandad and pine cones which for some reason I have a mini obsession with.

I’m now in the midst of planning 2020, who knows what we’ll get up to. I’ve got a few places on my mind of where I want us to visit so fingers crossed it all pans out. But, with the future, who knows? I guess we’ll be playing it by ear!

I hope you all have the most wonderful New Year’s Eve and a prosperous new year. See you in 2020 x


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