2020 Goals, Intentions and Travel Wishlist

Reflecting laying out looking at Peñón de ifach Calpe Spain

If there’s one thing about New Year’s Day that I love, it’s putting intentions and goals for 2020 into action. I’ve always made resolutions each year and as it goes, I’m rather determined to not give in.

Take 2018, my resolution was to find a creative outlet. Open a blog, inspire, and share that The Costa Blanca is beautiful to those who once overlooked it. Well, it’s 2020 and my blog is still here. Despite what others thought, and myself truth be told.

Or a couple of years back, I think 2015 give or take, my goal was to only drink water or tea. I think it was about 18 months later that I actually drank something that wasn’t water. Only because there wasn’t any water available so I had to give in.

Which brings me to 2020. What am I planning to do this year? I think in a way, I’m in a stronger position, I’ve never had to try and quit smoking (I’ve never even tried a drag), I’ve never had to aim to change my body weight and I’ve never had to really aim for something too strenuous, which is why I think it works. SMART targets are key.

Instead of pledging on a whim on New Year’s Eve what I’m going to do, I always start planning early December. Fixate it into my brain that come January 1st, this is what is going to happen. I start letting myself get excited to start my new routine, but not give in and start them early. New year, new routine.

Start Yoga

Girl on yoga mat with cavalier King Charles beginner yoga

I have no idea how this came about. I sat there writing out the habits I was going to track in my bullet journal and without even thinking I added a yoga section.

I’ve always done some form of exercise but since being in Spain I haven’t really except a heap load of walking. I haven’t ever done yoga before but I do know some of the positions from workout warm ups.

Come mid-December, we were in Decathlon picking me up a brand new yoga mat. I think that’s the best part about choosing yoga, there’s no monthly outlay, no joining fees, as long as I’ve got a TV screen and WiFi, I can do it. No excuses.

The benefits to yoga showed themselves almost instantly. It made me feel comfortable and relaxed. It made me feel the stretches and the workout without making me sweaty or out of breath. It’s making my body stronger, suppler and healthier which I’m hoping will release the back and neck pain I sometimes get. More importantly, it’s a massive mind and brain training, your self-awareness and focus just rockets.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve been saying I’ve no inspiration or get up and go to post blog posts, yet here I am part way through my second of the day… and it’s only 10am.

Start Bullet Journalling

Vintage effect grainy coffee and jumper

I’d mentioned that I wrote bits in the journal and if you follow me on Instagram then you would have already seen me setting up my pages. In 2020, I’m going to stick to my bullet journal and update it daily. Track the weather, track my habits like how much sleep or have I finished my 1SE video or have I done yoga? I’m also going to track my social media insights, track finances and other bits and pieces.

I love having a creative outlet, dance, drama, blogging, bucket journalling, I think I’m a creative person. I can come up with ideas out of the blue. Usually in the worst of places, like 2am halfway through a dream, or in the shower, or sitting on the train. I do believe it’s why I’m a good teacher, I can come up with activities without planning for it.

My favourite one recently was Santa’s Perfect Present Tense. Pulling a “present” (a verb) out of Santa’s hat, the kids had 30 seconds to write a sentence in Present Perfect (have gone, has done, have worked… that kind of thing) and the kids loved it. Or my post it note game, or cutting up exams. I have worked in education for 8 years now and the best teachers I’ve come across have always been creative.

I’m hoping that bullet journaling will encourage my creativity and help me be more self-aware. Especially with my moods and pain.

Film better 1SE clips

I say this every year but I want my 2020 video to be even better. I didn’t like my 2019 video the other day, but now the music is added, I quite like it. The thing about this year is there’s a lot of… waiting. Videos of the same thing. For 2020, I want to revisit a lot of the old places like Altea, Javea and Torrevieja but also head to new places and try to film different kinds of content.

Travel More

Vintage grainy effect Lauren wearing orange dress looking at Granada Alhambra

Is that possible? I think it is. We have recently become much better at saving, which means we can divert that money to travel. So, here’s where we hope to travel in 2020:

  • Serra de Mariola
  • Marbella
  • Ibiza
  • Segovia
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Montpellier
  • Verona
  • Lake Garda
  • Vienna
  • Munich
  • València
  • Florida

If we manage to plan our road trip, then a good 5 will be ticked off. If not, they won’t be. We’ll see what happens.

Happy 2020,

L x


3 responses to “2020 Goals, Intentions and Travel Wishlist”

  1. I loved reading this post good luck with your 2020 goals in 2020. My goal this year was to take the plunge and set up my blog (which I have done) and drink more water (meh I’m trying). I hope you get to visit all the places you hope to this year they sounds wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh thank you! So pleased you’ve taken the plunge to start up a blog. All the best with it! Good luck with the water too! I’m also trying to drink more water! Xx


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