Things to do in Benidorm for less than a tenner

Feeling the crunch this year whilst you’re in Benidorm? Well, don’t worry because with this list there are many awesome things you can do in Benidorm for less than £10 – many of which are absolutely free!

After all, many of spend out so much on flights and accommodation that the last thing we want is more and more expensive day trips and excursions to keep the whole party entertained. With this list that you can print or save, you’ll have plenty of ideas for your next holiday in Benidorm.

1. A Picnic

Beautiful beach picnic at night with a couple drinking wine

One of my absolute favourite cheap activities to do in Benidorm is grab my picnic blanket and basket and have a picnic. Head to your nearest mercadona or carrefour and stock up on some local produce, sandwiches, queso and jamón and have a picnic down the beach.

To make a full day of it, head to Algar Falls, the natural springs near to Benidorm and enjoy the picnic overlooking the beautiful mountains.

2. Take a Blanket Tour

Girl looking at guadalest castle

Okay so you might have to listen to a sales pitch about some feet pads or a new toaster, but at least you can visit a brand new location which is usually a gorgeous trip to Guadalest. Free transportation and a couple of drinks included means that you’ll have a full day out in the mountains for absolutely nothing!

3. A Day Out at the Old Town

instagrammable locations in benidorm old town

Granted you might want to splurge when you’re there but ultimately heading to the old town and wandering around the old cobbled streets is definitely worthy of making the list. Grab a bit of tapas and a caña and you’ll be splashing out less than 10€ each!

4. Take a Day Trip to Altea

walking along main street altea spain

Jumping on the number 10 Llórente bus to Altea at 1,50€ each means that you can have a full day out at Altea visiting the beautiful cobbled streets and the white washed buildings without breaking the bank. Stop at one of the local bars for a café con leche or a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

5. Head to the Beach

cove in benidorm

Okay I know this one is a given but there’s definitely more to Benidorm Beaches than just Levante. Why not have a day at the beach down in Poniente, or La Cala de Finestrat or Cala Mal Pas or Cala Tio Ximo? Although they are still beach days, they’re a complete change of scenery.

6. Take a Walk

villajoyosa travel guide

There are lots of walking routes around Benidorm that are absolutely beautiful and well worth doing. Why not walk from Benidorm to Villajoyosa, along the Albir lighthouse or walk up the rock in Calpe? There are lots of routes to do which all bring different views.

7. Visit the Chocolate Factory

instagrammable locations in benidorm villajoyosa

The chocolate factory in Villajoyosa has a completely free tour in English. Take the Alsa bus or Tram direct to creueta for less than 2€ each and whilst you’re there you can take in the sights of Villajoyosa.

8. Watch the Sunrise from The Cross

Either take a walk up to The Cross or take a taxi or Segway and watch the sunrise from The Cross. The views are absolutely spectacular and you’ll have a great view of the sunrise from there!

9. Watch the Sunset from The Tossal

beautiful pink sky from the tossal at benidorm at sunset

On the other end of the spectrum watch the sunset from the tossal in La Cala and see one of the best sunsets from Benidorm.

10. Go to One of the Many Parks

This one is especially good if you’ve got small children with you as they’ll love playing on the rides. Parc de Foietes or the park at the Dove Park all have little play things for children.

11. Go to the Bali Mirador

instagrammable locations in benidorm gran hotel bali suite

For just a couple of euros you’ll be able to see amazing views across all of Benidorm and beyond. Take the lift up and pay your low entrance fee to benefit from the views.

12. Visit the Market

la cala finestrat and benidorm market days

With a market on pretty much everyday somewhere in Benidorm there are lots of different markets you can take advantage of. Take a walk around the market and pick up some local produce whilst you’re there.

13. Have a Set Menu

the best places for sunday lunch benidorm showboat

Many of the bars and restaurants around Benidorm offer set menus for less than 10€. For a full Sunday lunch there are many restaurants that offer top quality food for less than 10€. The Showboat and The Corner Bar are both great ones.

14. Visit Algar Falls

waterfall at algar falls benidorm

The waterfalls at Algar Falls, once made famous by the Benidorm series, is a stunning location, where the surroundings are truly lush. Bursting with plant life, the Algar falls is simply a gorgeous site that you’ll love. Whether it’s the kids jumping off the jumping points into the cold, refreshing waters or having a picnic at the picnic zone. It’s bound to be a great day out.

15. Do a Benidorm TV Series Tour

Here’s one for the Benidorm tv show lovers, a Benidorm TV series tour. Okay, so it’s not actually an official tour, but it is free and it’s certain to be a hit for the Benidorm fanatics. Follow my Benidorm TV series route tour and find all the spots made famous by the TV show including Benidorm Palace, Sol Pelicanos, The Pink House, The Island and other spots!

Enjoy your holiday in Benidorm!

L x


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