[ad] Valentine’s Day with Fosse Park

Sitting outside Primark fosse Park

When I say this campaign was a really good one, I really mean it. One that I could share a little love to those around me whilst getting to fly back over and spend time with friends and family at the same time? Amazing.

This campaign was all about Valentine’s Day. But, not the romantic lovey dovey type. Instead, it was one right up my street. One about sharing love to three different types of love. Love that we should also be celebrating on Valentine’s Day and a campaign that fits in perfectly with the Spanish celebration.

Valentine’s Day, this Friday 14th 2020, is known as día del amor y amistad in some South American countries and mainland Spain. That means, Valentine’s Day is known as Day of Love and Friendship. Friendship. Something that a lot of us forget about when it comes to Valentine’s Day each year. A time of year when understandably if we’re alone we find it upsetting.

I think my favourite thing about this campaign was being able to celebrate the type of love that, admittedly, without this campaign I wouldn’t have thought about celebrating. But you should definitely think about it.

Drinking coffee at marks and Spencer Fosse Park
Having coffee with mum at M&S Cafe Fosse Park before shopping

Don’t get me wrong, I know that it can get tiring having one event after another, but it doesn’t have to be extravagant or anything crazy. Just a simple gift or a simple message is enough to make those around you smile. And, if you can, nothing will make your friends, family or other half feel happier than just being present. Being around, and being actively present is one of the best gifts you can give.

So, thanks to Fosse Park, my undoubtably favourite shopping centre in Leicester and one of my top favourites in the U.K., I was able to head back to Leicester for the weekend and spend time with a few of my friends and family. It’s currently going through some major refurbishments at the moment, and the plans look pretty incredible. I can’t wait to see how it comes together.

So, whether it’s your secret crush, best friend or long-term love, Fosse Park has the perfect gift waiting for you in store. With free parking and open late on weekdays (store times vary), you’ve still got time to find the gift they’ve been waiting for.

I was able to treat one of my work friends to some goodies, my mum to a new outfit, fragrance and jewellery as a pick me up and get Alex a Valentine’s Gift. On top of that, I was able to pick out some new outfits to freshen up my spring wardrobe. We all know how much I love Outfit when I’m back!

Shopping at Fosse Park with recycled bag

I headed to Fosse Park on Saturday morning and, just as ever, it was relatively busy. But when I say busy, I mean there’s lot of cars parked. But wandering around the shops, browsing is breezy and relaxed. I often wonder where all the people are when you see how busy the car park is, but I guess that’s the extent of the shops they have on offer.

Bags and fragrance from Fosse Park

I was very kindly given £50 to spend in Boots and £50 to spend in Primark, I was then also provided with a £100 Outfit voucher as a thank you for the work I’ll put in. I picked Boots for the great array of beauty and fragrance options. I knew that my work friend was interested in the Pixi brand and Alex is keen on fragrance and skincare, so I knew that was my best bet. Luckily, there was also a 15% off fragrances event too which worked out perfectly.

Enjoying shopping at Fosse Park leicester

Primark? Well, how can you go wrong? Plenty of outfit choices, a homeware selection plus the little Knick knacks knocking about make for great budget friendly gifts.

I’d chosen Outfit as my wardrobe refresher as it’s my favourite shop at Fosse Park. Topshop and Miss Selfridge clothes are always the most flattering on me and fit well. The quality definitely is fantastic too. I’d set out to spruce up my outfit with a few new style tops to go with my own jeans that I’ve got, plus I’d seen a few gorgeous spring dresses that I knew would be cute with my Dr Marten’s. I had a plan!

I’d also set out to pick out Alex’s card from W H Smith this year. Although I didn’t have a voucher for there, it made the most sense. They have such gorgeous cards and wrapping paper without having to make another trip out.

Family Member

Mum trying different clothes Fosse Park

Showing love to my mum was one of the easiest to buy for. Even easier that she was there to be able to pick out her own bits and pieces. I decided to opt for a red jumper from Primark paired with the shaping black jeans from Primark. We then found a really nice necklace from Freedom at Topshop at Outfit for £12.50 to go with it. I also picked out Elie Saab Girl of Now.

Elie saab girl of now perfume flatlay

We both loved the fragrance when we smelt it a few months ago so with the 15% off at Boots event I definitely couldn’t resist! Just over £30 for a 50ml bottle of eau de parfum. Bargain.

A Friend

Pixi beauty at Fosse Park Leicester

Who else knows the struggle than your work colleague? Admittedly, I found this the hardest to buy for. How do you pick just one friend? Do I go for my high school friend who I’ve been friends with and been through pretty much everything with, the friend who I can always rely on? Do I go for one of our closest current friends? The one who’s got a baby and the one I always nip in to see when we’re over? I guess in the end, I picked all three.

Mel opening Pixi beauty at la Falua

Pixi glow tonic flatlay

For Mel, she’s been after Pixi for quite a while. She saw my Instagram story glow up after I used Pixi Glow Tonic and is a skincare fanatic like me, so when I saw Pixi on offer in Boots I knew it would be a great choice. I decided to get her the same bottle as the one I’ve been loving.

Mel with Rio

Could I leave the other two out though!? Definitely not. Instead I treated my high school friend to some lipglosses and my other friend to some cake. Nobody is getting left out!

My Love

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Valentine’s Day has started to take a back seat since we’ve moved to Spain. Maybe that’s because we live together or because our money just sits together. But, either way. We’ve not been the greatest at celebrating Valentine’s.

A few years back, we used to always do the whole gift shabang and book somewhere on holiday, but now half term is a thing of the past for me, we’re not able to do that like we used to. Although we do still do a small gift and have a meal, we’ve not really done it like we used to, so this year that’s going to change! We’re making an effort.

For Alex, I found the male version of a perfume by Calvin Klein that I love in the sale. There was the Calvin Klein Eternity Gift Set with a Body Wash for less than £20 in Boots. I then picked him up a graphic baby yoda T-shirt from Primark for £8.

We’re also hoping to get away for either a night away at a spa hotel or take a road trip for the Valentine’s weekend.

Spring 2020 Outfits

I picked up a few outfits to freshen up my wardrobe whilst I was at Fosse Park. I love heading back to do my shopping at Fosse Park purely because it’s so relaxed. There’s no queues for the changing rooms, there’s lots of space in store and it’s super clean.

I’ve always been a massive fan of spring dresses. I can never wait for spring to come around to wear a nice floaty dress and pretty colours after wearing jumpers! (Even though I love when I get to put my jumpers on after a long summer!). I also wanted to find some nice going out tops. The style that would go perfectly with a pair of nice jeans and a glass of rose wine sitting by the harbour.

I would call it a success! I found all what I wanted, and more!

I know a lot of you love to see the clothes that I picked out, so I’ve added a little photo reel below. Each caption has the shop and the price. Hope you like them!

I’ll be sharing photos of me wearing the clothes out and about so make sure you follow along on Instagram to see where we go but here’s a little changing room sneak preview!

Miss Selfridge dress from Fosse Park mirror selfie
Miss Selfridge at Outfit £30
Topshop brown dress from Fosse Park mirror selfie
Topshop at Fosse Park £29
Trousers and orange top primark from Fosse Park mirror selfie
Primark at Fosse Park £3 vest top £7 trousers
Black cord dress pinafore from miss Selfridge from Fosse Park mirror selfie
Miss Selfridge at Fosse Park £10 (in the sale)
Low rise top with jeans from topshop from Fosse Park mirror selfie
Top Topshop at Fosse Park £19

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