Isolation Diary: Day Two in Spain Lockdown

Cuddles on sofa with cavalier King Charles

Sunday 23 March 2020

As we sit at home and hear of more and more places closing in the U.K., it feels like a repeat of what happened here. First the concerts and the festivals, then went the schools, later bars and restaurants and finally, lockdown.

We’re only on day two and it makes me glad that we have so many movies sitting on the bookshelf that we’ve never watched. It also couldn’t come at a better time that Disney Plus is being released on Tuesday. It will have the entire back catalogue of Disney movies, plus Disney shows and some new movies and new shows to watch. Kinda like Netflix but for Disney (and the discovery channel).

It’s Mother’s Day in the U.K. and it makes me feel sad for all the people that will spend the day alone. I feel bad that this year we only bought a card. With spending so much time thinking about how we’re going to get home, and worrying about Rio, I just didn’t get one in time. Then, I was thinking about stuff that you can buy and most was recommended not to buy… lots of people said not to buy flowers as they might be able to hold the virus. I don’t know if that’s true though.

Eating healthily during social isolation

We’ve been sticking to a normal sleep routine so that the whole routine and health doesn’t go out of the window. They say that having a regular sleep rhythm is good for your health and well-being so at 11pm we go to bed. Which is fine by me as I’m already falling asleep by then. We’re usually up no later than 8am. We’re also doing regular exercise and trying to snack on healthy snacks too.

We got out our toastie machine for the first time in at least 3 years and had cheese toasties for breakfast. We don’t have a toaster, or a grill, so we’re limited with what we can do at home. People often tell us it’s easy to make the breakfasts we like, but when going out they were only 3€ with a drink included, it seemed pointless to make them. It’s only now we realise that the other reason we didn’t, was that we don’t have the facilities.

We don’t have a vacuum either and it’s starting to bother both of us. Spending much more time at home, you’re much more aware of Rio and his hair shedding. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was malting more because we’re all inside, but he’s not. He always malts this much. But usually we go out to work and don’t have to see it. Bad, I know.

Alex set up his work laptop and did some work for about 3 hours. Videoing himself doing class introductions and classes and making infographics. We’ve been having the window open as much as possible to let fresh air in. Rio loves standing on the ottoman by the window with his nose out sniffing with the wind blowing in his face.

Getting fresh air Benidorm lockdown

It’s been threatening to rain all day and late afternoon it finally pours down. But, it definitely isn’t the end of it. It’s been relatively grey since we got home and part of me is happy about it. At least with the rainy weather we wouldn’t be going out anyway. Plus, if it starts getting too hot, we haven’t got air con so it would make the apartment really stuffy really quickly.

The number of cases keeps rising here and unfortunately, so are the deaths. The number of cases in our area rose to 1604 today and 69 deaths. We’re relatively lucky to be in an area where there are very few cases. At the minute, the cases are still rising as it can take up to 14 days for somebody to show symptoms after being in contact. We won’t know if this isolation is working for a while yet. Sanchez, the prime minister, announced today that he was extending the state of alarm until April 12th, which inevitably means the announcement of extended lockdown will come around Tuesday or Wednesday. We’re all pretty much expecting it now and just waiting for our next predicted freedom date.

It’s hard not to get all up in your head when you’re sitting at home. I think it all is in your mindset. Sure, you can see it as being trapped at home. But you could see it that you’re safe and well and protecting others. Instead of thinking about how much uncertainty there is, I’ve been focusing on the fact that I can’t control the situation, I can only control how I am in the situation. Getting enough sleep, doing exercise, doing activities I love, chatting with friends and family. These are all important when you’re in lockdown.

We both did our exercise for the day. I did a 30 minute yoga flow and Alex did a 20 minute online workout. Exercises are really important in these times. Even simple stretches are good to keep you moving. My step counter has plummeted so I’m trying to counteract with doing more intense or longer yoga flows.

Rio went for a few walks in the day, but his evening one will stick with Alex for longer. As they were pacing up and down the street, three police cars came around with sirens on. At that moment, cheers and claps roared from balconies. It was 9pm so it wasn’t like it was the 8pm applause! There is everybody clapping the emergency services, police waving, as Rio is squatting to do his business. The only person on the street. Rio always picks the best time. You’d think sudden loud noises and roars would have scared him, but no, totally oblivious.

Meeting tiana at Disney world

We watched The Princess and The Frog for the first time and I must say I quite enjoyed it. I didn’t know much about the movie or the story, but I was a fan. It’s not the most gripping of storylines but it was heartwarming. We also watched The Incredibles 2 whilst eating burgers for dinner. I wasn’t really a fan of it, neither was Alex. It was okay. The storyline was a bit saturated, I feel like I’ve seen it many times before. Plus, Elastagirl had the most annoying and chalk down a blackboard voice that just bothered me the entire movie.

The incredible 2 movie review

Everyday is another day closer to us all being able to go outside again. Another day closer to holidays and trips and meals out. Another day closer to long walks in the mountains. Another day closer to normality.

Stay safe,

L x


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