Isolation Diary: Day Four in Spain’s Lockdown

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Watching lady and the tramp Disney plus review

Day four. Or as I prefer to call it, Disney Plus release day. You can imagine that with Disney + being released, I had plans to sit on the sofa and binge watch Disney Channel shows and Disney movies, and more or less, that’s what I did.

Disney plus released in Spain during lockdown

I say I because Alex spent most of the day in the balcony room doing work. I call it the balcony room because to be honest, I’m not sure what else to call it. It was once a balcony but it’s now all enclosed. The problem is, it still feels like a balcony but without the tan. You literally cannot do anything with this room. Added with the mould that’s caused by the drastic temperatures in there, it’s literally a waste of space. To paint you a picture, the walls are all bricks of the outside of the building. There are two sliding patio doors that would could summon a devil when they creak open. And then, there are two storage boxes, with a desperate attempt to be cosy with cushions and blankets, a glass table and a washing line. Yes, that is it. And the room is nearly as big as our bedroom. But there’s nothing you can do with it as the windows open the whole way around and the other side there are patio doors! It’s starting to annoy me even more.

Cold and rainy day in benidorm lockdown

It has been relatively cold, grey and rainy since we got back. It’s been like Easter 2019 when it was just constant rain, but now it’s kinda welcomed. Knowing that I can’t go out makes it much easier than thinking about how we could be drinking wine by the sea, or eating tapas or exploring. In the rain, we wouldn’t be doing that anyway.

Well, that’s my moan about our balcony room now.

I had a fair bit of work to do today. Between creating cake recipe graphics and updating stories for one client, the other was launching their brand new home workouts on Instagram live. It’s going well, we’ve managed to find some top ballet dancers from around the world to go live on our channels to offer home workouts over live to help people stay fit and healthy during this pandemic. They’re suited for dancers but at an attainable level meaning you can join along too. I decided to have a go between promoting the people that had got involved at the same time.

Doing the Zarely home work out video live dancer blogger

Some time in the afternoon, I decided to play Just Dace 2020. Which, I love the game idea, but it just feels a waste of money. We paid £50 to have access to the game, and it gives you about 10 songs. The rest are unlimited version. Do you know how you unlock the rest of the PAID game? By paying £14.99 A MONTH. I was honestly shocked at how little of the game is playable by purchasing an actual game. It’s like purchasing FIFA and only being able to use 10 teams, and having a subscription to unlock the rest. Plus, you guessed it, all of the good songs are in the unlimited version. So disappointed in the game. Unless you’re prepared to pay the sub fee, I wouldn’t bother.

I did do online play though. There were 1500 people online and it gives you a little summary of how many people you’ve danced with and from how many countries at the end, it’s quite a nice touch. Any sense of community is good in these times.

Alex took Rio to the vets today. Rio has been intermittently crying and squeaking for a few days so the first day they opened we made an appointment. Alex had to wait outside to be ushered in as obviously nobody can use the waiting room. Nobody else had an appointment for a while before or a while after so he was straight in and out. Rio had a little inflammation in his back leg so needed tablets for a few days. His skin fungal infection still hasn’t shifted so he had another injection for that and to continue his ointment. He has to go back again next week. The vets only charge for medication that you take home, or if the problem is resolved. Once the problem is resolved it’s 30€ unless they require something expensive. But, on the whole, no matter how many times Rio has to go for something, it’s 30€ once he’s better.

The U.K. are on lockdown now and most people here aren’t too happy about it. They think it’s great they’re on lockdown, sure. But it’s just not strict enough. There was a video circulating about suggestions for police to say to groups forming in the U.K. “hi lads, would you just mind dispersing“, that’s it!? Here, you don’t have a choice. What’s with the niceties? What’s with the so many loopholes that people are going to take advantage that it’s untrue? What’s with the lax commitment?

I had pasta cheese for lunch whilst watching Winnie the Pooh so that was a wholesome time.

I practised yoga for a while but my knee seems to be giving me grief. It hurts to put weight on my right knee and I think it’s because I’m spending much more time sitting on my knees on the sofa so the synovial fluid is getting trapped or dry. Must try and not sit on my knees. I mean, I’m doing it now, MUST STOP.

I FaceTimed my mum early evening. Everybody was home so I spoke briefly to everybody. People ask how I am but honestly I’m fine. It’s Oliver I feel sorry for in this pandemic. He’s finished school now, GCSE’s are suspended so they can have their predicted grades, they can’t go out and see their friends, they can’t go to prom, they can’t have their last day saying bye to their friends and all of that. They don’t get the celebrations of exam leave or the celebrations and the parties when you finish your exams. Everything they worked for kinda fizzles to nothing, it’s sad.

For dinner, we had pancetta and salad. Rio had his cooked chicken and rice with carrots and spinach. He loves his dinners. He jumps around and pads on his feet when it’s time. He loves eating.

Rio watching lady and the tramp Disney plus

At 20:30, we watched Lady and the Tramp now it’s available to view exclusively on Disney Plus. The storyline was nice, but rather scary and upsetting at times. Rio never even notices the TV but whilst lady and the tramp was on he was sitting bolt upright with his ears twitching and his head shifting. He loves Lady. It’s his favourite toy, he always cuddles her when he goes to sleep. It had real barks and whines in so he was fixated. There were some moments in Lady and the Tramp though where I thought it was too sad for me, I’m not sure about how some kids would feel. It does have a heartwarming ending though, and the moral behind it is wonderful.

Every dog is adoptable. And Disney makes that clear in Lady and the Tramp. It’s a really nice message to convey.

I played some of Joel Dommett’s audiobook in bed. This was the trials and tribulations of his disastrous ski trip to the Alps. It’s hilarious to listen to, especially as it’s read by Joel and it’s almost like having a bedtime story read to you. I have it set to shut down when each track ends so I don’t have to get out of bed and turn it off. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Rio asleep on my shoulder

I fell asleep with a Rio resting on my shoulder, him snoring away, which is something that never happens. I think he’s starting to click that something isn’t normal. He doesn’t see his friends on walks anymore. And we don’t go out, at all. I worry how he’ll cope when things go back to normal. He does get separation anxiety when he’s out of routine, he used to scratch the doors when we first got him because he didn’t want to be alone. We like to always go out even just for an hour or so normally to get him used to being alone. But obviously now, that’s not possible.

I hope everybody is keeping safe.

L x


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