Isolation Diary: Day Five in Spain’s Lockdown

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Lockdown in Benidorm with Rio

It’s not about being locked down. Or about being trapped in your home. It’s about keeping you safe. I wonder how many people are suddenly taking up walking or cycling in the U.K. now you’re allowed one exercise per day. Just like here, the amount of people that are suddenly walking dogs. Are you that desperate to put yourself at risk?

I don’t know if it’s the isolation that did it, having less patience with all this stuff or the fact there are bigger problems in the world but I finally called somebody out on their behaviour to me today. She works for the company that I create social media posts for. And she’s always out to make me look bad, or to turn people against me.

Granted, in the past couple of months, the CEO and other managers have got wise to her. She’s made one too many mistakes and tried to frame me one too many times. But, rudeness isn’t needed. Not in the world we’re in today. And of course, she’s still being rude.

Quote WhatsApp: “communication is key, you know. That’s why we’ve had this WhatsApp group for over a year to keep in touch with each other and keep each other in the loop. Snidy, rude remarks only come from you. And are only targeted at me. Courtesy wouldn’t do you any harm”. I pressed send. And then I waited.

Read, read, read.

I suddenly felt a wave of nerves come over me. What did I do that for!? But then, I felt relieved. Relaxed. I had stuck up for myself and I wasn’t being pushed around anymore. She sent some bizarre message about how communication is everything and that tomorrow I needed to do something, that I and everybody else already knew that I had to do… because it’s literally my job that I’ve been doing since before she started.

She always screws up at work. She tries hard to be a blogger. And she hates me. Writing it down, I guess she doesn’t like me because… she’s jealous?

I was already getting so wound up doing the social media for them today. Telling me one thing, so I’d change it, then telling me another. Then trying to make it look like I was in the wrong. People think creating a pretty Instagram story is a 5 minute job. Well, it is when you don’t do it professionally with countless apps. Instead, it’s a good 20-30 minute job. Matching colours. Adding imagery. Sure, using templates makes it quicker, but they are also limited, and very… samesy.

Alex went to Iceland today, the shop that is, not the country for the non-brits among us (which there are quite a lot, Hey!) and stocked up on pasta jars and sausages and bacon and crisps and biscuits and tea. Basically, if we can’t get it in carrefour, we picked it up in Iceland. If we’re locked down, we need as many treats as we can get.

Rio locked down in Benidorm

He had a lot of work to do today, and so did I so we spent most of the day in separate rooms. A little later on, we started watching more of Hannah Montana. Which for the record, is on TV as I’m writing this with a cup of twinings tea. On a warm, beautiful sunny Thursday morning. Which makes this all the more difficult.

Alex teaching from home Rio eating breakfast lockdown benidorm
Here’s the balcony room I was telling you about. I told you it’s a wasted room. A room of NOTHING. It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE.

I studied a bit of Italian today. I decided if I’m locked down, I may as well use it to learn some new skills and brush up on some fading ones. I downloaded an app to learn the piano too, which was actually good. Except, after the first half hour you need an acoustic piano to connect and £80 a year subscription so that went out the window. I’m learning Italian from Spanish so it’s great for topping up both languages.

Watching Hercules in lockdown

We watched Hercules today and I’m still not that into the film. But my favourite Disney song ever is “go the distance” so it was nice to have a sing song to that. I also practiced yoga for a while. We had nachos late for lunch, so I decided to just have some chicken nuggets for dinner. It kinda felt like a Friday night.

There have been more infected cases rising in Spain and Spain now have the highest percentage of healthcare professionals infected across the whole world. I just hope that soon this will be all over.

I don’t know how to write this without sounding crazy, so i’ll paint you the picture. Today, I opened a window and shouted at the top of my voice “HELLO I’VE BEEN ISOLATED FOR 5 DAYS NOW”. Well, nobody replied but it made me feel better. Ha.

I hope you all keep safe. Remember, stay at home.

L x


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