Isolation Diary: Day Seven in Spain Lockdown

Friday 27th March 2020

Rainy day in Benidorm  lockdown

They say your clothes are an expression of who you are, well, if someone was to see me now they’d see the same pyjamas and Adidas leggings going around in a cycle I’m not sure what it would decipher about me. I guess it sums up lockdown. In a sense, I’m not bored of wearing comfy clothes yet. I’m not craving putting perfume on or getting dressed up to go out. Though, I’m sure it will come soon.

If you could sum up a boring day in isolation, or more boring than the others, this one would probably it. I spent most of the day waiting for a 8 way phone call with the people from work, and the rest of the time was spent working, watching TV, doing yoga or playing games. That was literally it.

Rio wants Alex breakfast

There was an announcement today that said all supermarkets and petrol stations and convenience stores must be closed by 19:00. Regardless if they used to be 24hr ones, they have to be closed. This is in a bid to make sure people aren’t outside of their home at night times. In theory, now there shouldn’t be anybody out past 7pm except healthcare workers and emergency services. I guess the idea of a curfew is already partly in place.

It was a rainy start to the day, but Rio and I still sat on the ottoman with the window open. We’ve sat here every morning, long before lockdown, and I just love the view in the morning. Even on grey days like this. I opened the window and the cool air hit us and the smell of rain filled the air. Everyday is another day closer.

Rio cleaning in his teeth during Benidorm lockdown

I FaceTimed my friend after the work meeting that discussed all the details of the unemployment situation for all workers and had a catch up. It’s been ages since we’ve been able to go for breakfast, but I’m sure once this is over we will be able to.

We had tomato and mascarpone chicken pasta with cherry tomatoes for dinner which is one of my favourites. I caught up on my bullet journal and did some yoga for lower back pain. My knees and back have been hurting a little and I know it’s because I’ve been doing less walking or more sitting in weird positions. I sit on the sofa with my knees tucked under and my head bent forward making an unusual curvature in my spine. I know it’s bad for me but no other position is comfortable for long periods. I keep catching myself and moving. I think I’m definitely going to need to do more workouts, I’ll have to play just dance or look up one on YouTube!

The imagineering story on disney plus

We watched The Avengers while we had dinner, it was actually me that put it on. I’ve watched some of them but not all so I thought it was only right that I watched the first one. By 11pm, I was already so tired and couldn’t last another hour of the film, so that’s on pause for another day. We also finished watching the final series of Hannah Montana today. We also started The Imagineering Story which follows the story about how they created Disneyland and Disney World and the imagination behind it and the engineering and it is so interesting.

If you’ve got a kid who doesn’t want to do their trigonometry homework, then one of the engineers in The Imagineering Story talks about how he needed it for creating the rides. It’s really interesting. Definitely worth a watch on Disney+ if you have it!

Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus today which was breaking news on the Spanish news too. It makes you wonder how many people he was in contact with beforehand. There are over 65,000 cases in Spain now, over 5,000 deaths and over 9,000 recovered. Today alone, there were 7933 new cases and 773 new deaths. It all seems very familiar to studying the plague back in school. The keeping everybody inside. The months and months of worldwide disruption. The mass infections and deaths. I guess it truly is a modern day plague. There are now 600,000 cases worldwide, with 27,371 deaths and 133,387 recovered.

There was also the sad news that the boss of the Rapid Action Group of the civil guards, Jesus Gayoso aged 48, had died of coronavirus. He was one of the vital people in fighting against the ETA group. He left behind his 2 daughters after spending 15 days isolated, 12 of those in the ICU.

There is lots of sad news going around, but also lots of news of hope. Of happiness. I’ve started reading which shares only happy and positive stories. Things like “Man is now dating his neighbour after quarantine creativity” or “Spanish man shares a drink with his isolated neighbour by filling their glasses from two floors above” or “Researchers have found a way to sterilise masks and reuse them during the pandemic”. Things that keep us hopeful for the future. If you need a pick me up, I’d suggest giving some positive news a read.

I just hope that this passes soon.

Stay safe, stay home.

L x


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  1. Rio looks like hes enjoying his chewie stick!!

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    1. Haha! He LOVES them. Runs and sits next to the drawer after his breakfast lol x

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