Isolation Diary: Day Ten in Spain Lockdown

Monday 30th March 2020

Baby Lauren in Tenerife in bed

The days go by quickly. They speed by and before we know it we’ll get to the point where the prime minister will step on a block and broadcast that lockdown is over and we’re all free to go about our lives. I’m not sure how I’ll take it in a way. Of course, I want lockdown to be over so we can go and adventure but in the same way, I kinda like being able to work from home. I’ve always wanted to work from home and lockdown gave me a taste of it. Though, I’m pretty sure it would be different than both of us working from home.

Looking at day ten means that it’s been day ten since I left the apartment. I’ve not even been out to go to the supermarket or been out to walk the dog because Alex goes out. I thought about going out the other day and walking the dog but I got up and then couldn’t do it. I’m scared to touch anything. Or in case the police stop me. Or somebody walks near me. I used to walk Rio all the time.

I woke up late today. Like really late for me. It was 9am! Well, originally I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I read some news. Scrolled social media and even though I was tired, I just couldn’t sleep. Eventually, at about 7, according to my sleep monitor, I fell back sleep. I noticed Alex had shut both doors so he could work and Rio was lying on the ottoman. I stood at the patio door just watching Rio. To be honest, I wasn’t quite awake yet so I couldn’t be bothered to open the door. I just wanted to see what the dog would do. I was standing directly behind Alex for at least 5 minutes as the dog is edging his head to get Alex to look. I knocked the door lightly, and Alex turned around and I’ve never seen him jump so much in his life. He audibly jumped. A few octaves higher and it would’ve been a scream. That’s my entertainment for the day.

We both spent a lot of the day working. I had a big project to work on for a cake making business, it was so much fun to research and write about wedding trends for 2021 but it took me hours upon hours. So, the majority of my day was spent at the computer. Alex had classes to give so he was on the laptop elsewhere.

Rio was crying for his lead before Alex went out, so Alex took him out. He said he pulled and pulled and cried until he got to the car. He wanted to go out on an adventure. He didn’t want to go to the toilet (we thought it was strange as he doesn’t usually go mid-morning) he just wanted to get out in the car and go out like we usually do. He obviously misses it too. It was really sad to see him so upset about wanting to go out in the car. We were right, he does love car trips!

We had bacon sandwiches for breakfast, so now we’ve used all the bacon. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to get some again, it’s not that people have panic bought or anything like that, it’s because we have to get it from Iceland, which isn’t our closest supermarket. Carrefour obviously doesn’t sell British bacon. We had a late breakfast so didn’t have a lunch today.

Carrefour Benidorm in lockdown

Alex went to Carrefour at about 12 and said it was fully stocked as always. We managed to stock up on fresh food, vegetables, fruits and meats again for the week. We’re having to go supermarket about once every five days. Other than walking Rio, he doesn’t go out neither.

You might think that being in close proximity would cause arguments or tensions. But truthfully, it doesn’t with us. I think we’ve spent far too long together just us that it’s not much different. It just feels like a cold and rainy Easter holiday so far.

Speaking of cold and rainy, it’s been like that all day again today, but with blustering high winds. I opened the window and the gust of wind came bursting through, if it wasn’t for the need of fresh air, I’d have closed it again straight the way.

Two kids at twinlakes

Whilst I was on the computer, I remembered a few old USB pens in my bedroom in England so I brought them back. I had a rummage through them and found loads of old photos. Ones from when we first went out, our first road trip, taking Oliver and Alex’s niece to Twinlakes when they were ten, some photoshoot photos and some baby pictures. I like looking back on them on the odd occasion.

Throwback photo of Lauren modelling

I’ve spent hours practising my Italian today. I spent at least 4 hours on it. I’m getting better and it’s starting to come back to me the bits I missed. I am finding it much easier to learn now from Spanish than I did from English. I spent 30 minutes on French and Russian too. The French is coming back from high school and the Russian, well let’s see.

We listened to Joel’s audiobook in the afternoon. It’s really funny so it’s good to have a laugh through the day. Laughter definitely is an essential in lockdown.

Shortly after, I found out a princess of Spain has become the first member of a royal family to die of coronavirus. She was a distant cousin of King Felipe VI living in Paris. Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma was 86 years old. Prince Charles, first in line for the British throne, has also tested positive.

So far, we’re both keeping well. It’s so nice that so many people ask each day and send well wishes. It’s nice to keep in touch with everybody and check in. I worry about everyone. When somebody doesn’t comment for a few days I worry about how they’re doing. So, I’m so glad that with posting everyday I can check in with everybody every day. It would be impossible to go through the list and message everyone (mainly because Facebook doesn’t let me access everybody) so seeing an interaction on the page or a quick message is such a relief to be honest. I had a bit of a runny nose and a headache yesterday which got me panicked but it wore off as the day went by. I think the headache was from spending so long learning languages.

Tinto de verano Spain drink lockdown

We watched some of YOU on Netflix while I drank Tinto de Verano (it’s like sangria out of a bottle) and then watched Beauty and the Beast (the newer version). It’s one of my favourite Disney movies, and Belle is my favourite princess. We also watched some of Wizards of Waverley Place which has Selena Gomez in.

Alex had pizza for dinner and I had faggots, mashed potato, mushy peas and gravy. I put on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody before heading off to do yoga in bed at 10pm. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Keep safe.

L x


5 responses to “Isolation Diary: Day Ten in Spain Lockdown”

  1. Today, your blog made me smile! Scaring Alex 😂😂😂 poor boy! At the end of your blog, the fact you eat faggots, I never had them until I went to my friends as a child and her mum gave me one for lunch on a barm cake or bap as you may call it! I wondered what on Earth it was all squashed and mushy, looked like stuffing! I really really enjoyed it but her mum said it was called savoury duck which I think is the same as a faggot! So good and I remember it to this day, over 50 years later! I’ve never had any since but now I may go to get some, as my local pork butchers make their own, very fresh! My mother would not buy them and you have just brought this memory to my mind xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you Linda! Haha! Alex doesn’t like them but I quite enjoy them, they’re a bit weird aren’t they 😂 glad I could remind them of you and your faggot memories haha! Let us know if you get some! Xxxx


      1. Ha ha I faggoting will 😂😂😂 xxxd

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I will let you know when I get faggoty 😂😂😂! Good job we are not Americans we would be in trouble🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha yes very much so🤣 enjoy your faggots xx


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