Isolation Diary: Day Twelve in Spain Lockdown

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Rio on his walk

I went outside today. Like outside, outside. I WENT OUTSIDE. I can’t believe I was actually excited to be in the lift going down, like actual adrenaline was running at the thought of going outside for the first time in twelve days. Lockdown isn’t over, I just plucked up the courage to take Rio for a walk.

I knew I needed to do it. I didn’t want to start fearing going outside. After yesterday, I knew I needed to just be outside, albeit only for five minutes, just to give myself some air.

On a short walk in benidorm lockdown

I walked a short way back and forward to let Rio do his business. It was invigorating. Exciting. Scary. I walked for five minutes and saw a few cars, more than I had expected. I saw one other person, about 500 metres down the road carrying a shopping bag wearing a mask. It was eerily quiet, not like the bustling streets that I know so well. They were different. Cold almost.

I don’t know why it felt cold, almost like a shiver going down your spine and through your body. The disinfectant stench lingered from our building, and all of the others surrounding us. The once sea air couldn’t break through the overpowering over clean smell.

Rio laughing whilst Alex is working

It’s April Fool’s Day, but Spain celebrate a similar day in December, so there wasn’t really anything go on. There was a newspaper that said the government had accidentally ordered glasses with joke noses attached to them, so wore them in parliament. It had some kickback from the public about the inappropriate timing of this given the climate.

We started the day with a bowl of fresh fruit while Alex gave some classes and I did some website renovations for a cake business. After that, I spent some time studying Italian and French. I decided to leave Russian today, I’m not sure if I’ll go back and pick it up.

Funny faces with my dog during lockdown

I played some Brawl Stars and looked out the window. It seemed louder today. More movement. More people than before. The gardener was out watering the plants, the maintenance was out cleaning, but there was also some other kinds of movement. Things just seemed more active today. There were definitely more cars on the road, given that fewer people should be working it was weird that more cars were about today.

Chicken goujon salad and Rio watching

We had a healthy lunch of chicken goujons and salad, so we’ve really ate healthily today. I’ve definitely had my 5 a day! I didn’t really snack much today neither. I think a lot of the time I snack through boredom or thirst. When I think I might fancy a snack I have a glass of water first, 9 times out of 10 I was just thirsty. (Obviously a few happy hippos and some biscuits always go down nicely too though).

Alex did a workout on the balcony, whilst I did a yoga flow for 20 minutes. I set myself a challenge back in January that in April I’d do a 6 minute ab blast everyday on top of a yoga routine. So, I guess it’s good timing with the extra time we have at home.

Rio watching the benidorm sunset

The sky was a really strange cloudy blue kind of sunset, and it was really quite beautiful. The clouds were gently bouncing the light off into all directions by the looks of it and the sea became an extension of the sky.

Benidorm sunset in lockdown

We watched some TV, Netflix and Disney+ of course, and had chile for dinner. We finished the day with another chapter of Joel’s audiobook. We’ve only got a couple of hours left of the audiobook left so I’ll have to find another book or audiobook to read when it’s over.

Keep safe,

L x


4 responses to “Isolation Diary: Day Twelve in Spain Lockdown”

  1. Here in Portugal, as an ICU nurse, I still have to go to work. Being in direct contact with covid19 patients, my lockdown has to be extremely conscious.
    The other day I had to go to a nearby city since I’m moving. Yes, the best time for that… And, like you, I felt extremely anxious to be outside. I feel safer in my unit, as weird it may sound.
    So, I totally understand your fear. Day by day.

    Have a nice day today, Lauren.


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    1. Thank you for your bravery and services especially in these difficult times. Take extreme care of yourself and stay safe. Have a great day Joana and thank you! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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