Isolation Diary: Day Thirteen in Spain Lockdown

Thursday 2nd April 2020

View of the beach Benidorm

Welcome to the longest day in the history of days. I don’t have any particular reason to have found it to last so long. It wasn’t particularly boring, neither was it a bad day. It just lasted forever.

In fact, coming to think of it, I feel like we did quite a lot in the day, there just seemed to be so many more hours than normal. I have got to the point in quarantine now where I’m not even sure which day it is anymore. Each day just mingles into one.

I started the day writing up the rest of my blog post, I’d gained a lot of time by writing most of it on Wednesday night, so I guess to start with I gained time there. Alex had a few classes to give, and I had social media work to do. I didn’t need to go on to the computer today, which gave me even more time.

June 26 space the Hubble

I had my cup of tea with some biscuits and then Alex made me some tomatoes and cheese on toast for breakfast. I found a page on NASA which shows you what The Hubble saw in space on your birthday which I thought was cool.

It was rather grey the entire day. There was a scattering of rain intermittently throughout the day. It was the kind of day where the island starts to disappear on the horizon.

A little while later, I decided to FaceTime Oliver and see what he was up to. I also FaceTimed my mum later too. I did my yoga flow and a 6 minute ab blaster quite early in the day so that was out of the way and caught up on my bullet journal so I was on top of that. I also studied some more Italian and French.

I think keeping busy is key in these times. Not having time to think about the fact that we’re indoors and keeping ourselves occupied. I think you also have to find beauty in the simplicity. The things that you probably didn’t have time to appreciate before. A simple sunrise, a beautiful sunset. A wave from the window. Sunlight coming through the window. A warm cup of tea in the morning. A roof above our heads. The capacity to be able to plan for when this is all over.

Rio cavalier in Benidorm

I paid the rent and started to pay off some of our bills so that it was sorted for the month. Whilst we were playing brawl stars, my phone started to ring, it was our landlady. She’d called to say that she had received our rent and was concerned that in the pandemic that we’re in, rent isn’t an important thing to pay and if we wanted her to refund us the money then she was more than happy to do so. She said she’s more worried that we’ve got enough money for the month to live on and pay for food etc, it was honestly such a nice call and just solidifies once again how good of a landlady she is. We politely declined and insisted we wanted to still pay as normal as Alex is working from home and we don’t want to have to play catch up later on in the year.

I had another phone call today, one that I can’t talk much about yet. But, it’s something rather exciting. I had an email asking me to take part in something regarding the lockdown situation and to give my side of the story. I’ll have more to tell in a few days time, but I spoke with a producer and I’ll share more about it when I can! I think it’s something a lot of you might think is cool!

We’d watched some TV, we’ve been watching YOU on Netflix and whatever we fancy on Disney+. After we’d had chicken, tomato and mascarpone pasta for dinner, we looked and it was still only 9pm. We can’t go to bed at 9pm. We’ll be up at 5!

“We should make a fort”, I said. Of course, this set Alex off on wanting to make an elaborate fort. We picked the balcony room. It took Alex quite a while to figure it out, with nothing to hang blankets off, and windows more or less the whole way around. He did come close to giving up and you could tell it was really bothering him. After pulling some furniture about and wrapping cables around each other he managed it.

Alex making a fort in lockdown

Rio loved it. Like really loved it. He wasn’t sure when it was in construction but once it was up he adored it. His tail wagged as he bounded in. He was very set on only using the real entrance, the one we went in. Even though he could go under the table and be at the side of the mattress he was still set on only going through the door. He kept falling asleep in it super quickly too. We had to keep waking up him up to move him as he really didn’t understand the concept that he takes up so much room.

Inside the fort that Alex built in lockdown

So that was that, we slept in Alex’s fort with Rio laying in between us with his head in the pillow too. I’m not sure why he loves to lay like a human, but he does. Sometime in the night he must’ve got too hot under the blankets as he was curled up on my feet for the rest of the night. I guess have you really done lockdown if you haven’t built a fort yet?

Rio in his lockdown fort

The government released the statistics of how many medical staff are coronavirus positive and it says there are 31 currently in Villajoyosa. There have now been 112,065 positive cases, which means we’re getting very close to overtaking Italy. They have been in lockdown longer than we have, so hopefully the number will start to curve off soon. Currently, there are 74,974 positive cases, with 68,882 cases with mild symptoms. We had a terrible day factually for the death statistics on April 1, but April 2 was a little better, slightly lowering. The new cases also lowered slightly yesterday too, so I’m hoping this is the start of a decline.

Stay safe

L x


3 responses to “Isolation Diary: Day Thirteen in Spain Lockdown”

  1. Gosh yes we look at the stats every day. Im in lockdown here also. Its day 9 for me (we were moving house for 2 weeks before that)..I woke up on the Wednesday 9 days ago or is 10 with worrying symptoms. our doctors are mostly doing consults over the phone. It seems I may have the virus however due to not meeting the criteria they won’t test me. Our area is a hotspot. We had some lovely people who had been on holidays in Aspen Colorado another hotspot…they left before being tested. Got tested here in Victoria Australia. ..tested positive told to stay home…no they went out shopping, golf etc…so thanks to them we have so many folks who have it but not tested. I must get back to writing my travel posts on Spain from this time last year. You would think with being in lockdown I would have plenty of time. Not sure where all my time is going. I must say though I am talking to friends on the phone a lot more so that could be it. Plus watching a lot of Netflix..oops ..take care and stay safe xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s awful how easily it arrives isn’t it. Doctors are doing phone and video consultations all over I think, which is great in one sense but also not! Can totally understand though. Hope you’re keeping well, sorry to hear you have symptoms 😦 keep safe and hope you manage to write some of your posts xx

      Liked by 1 person

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