Isolation Diary: Day Sixteen in Spain Lockdown

Sunday April 5th 2020

Sitting with Rio in the reading nook

I’m at that point where I don’t know the day anymore. Every day is just merged and fused into one. Every day, I have to check the apple calendar to know what day it is.

Here’s some good things that happened today:

  • The lowest cases of new COVID19 positive cases
  • A stunning sunrise
  • I finished a book, I actually finished reading a book for the first time in I don’t know how long!
  • I did over an hours worth of exercise
  • The reorganisation of the ottoman makes this room quiet cosy and inviting and now it’s perfect for reading or writing
  • The sound of the sea waves and the birds singing

It was what you’d describe as a slow day. One where I definitely wouldn’t write anything about if it wasn’t for the fact I was documenting everyday. Everyday that we’re in lockdown, I think about how in the not so distant future dissertations and essays will be written analysing the effects COVID19 had on the world, economically, emotionally and physically. Papers upon paper will be written gathering evidence into what happened during this 2020 pandemic.

Having cup of tea on balcony in lockdown

I think it’s interesting how everyone copes differently. We’re in a pandemic after all. Everybody will react and adapt differently, but I like knowing how people are getting by. Some, like me, are doing all they can to keep busy and learn as many new things as possible, others are taking on creative work, like intricate paintings and beautiful pottery pieces, others are catching up on the Netflix and Disney+ watchlist, others are getting dressed for normality and others are having pyjamas days. Of course, most of us fit across a multitude of them, but it’s interesting to see how we all get by.

It was a get dressed day for me today. Get dressed into shorts, a sports bra and a hoodie though, nothing too wild. I did an hour yoga flow and a 6 minute abs blaster rather quickly after I got up. After doing it so late the night before, I wanted to get it out of the way. Alex had the same idea and did his workout at the same time.

Beautiful Benidorm sunrise

I’d sat in the balcony room on the ottoman with a cup of tea writing yesterday’s post. I can’t begin to explain how much of a difference moving this ottoman has been. The room is just a completely different atmosphere now, I think for all those times I’ve questioned the authenticity of feng shui, I now completely believe in it. The energy is just different in here. It makes you feel uplifted in here and comfortable, rather than sitting bolt upright or having to lay down with your legs hanging off.

I finished reading Girl Online, it’s nothing fantastic, nothing great. It’s not one where I’m going to tell you all to go and read , because it was just ok. I don’t know why it was that book in particular that captured my attention to carry on reading because the whole book was a little… blah. It was written by Zoe Sugg, if you can say that considering majority of it was ghostwritten by somebody else and the storyline was… ok? It was about a blogger who ends up in New York and falls in love with a boy but things never stay perfect for Penny, the blogger. It’s your typical “I have a secret hobby where I’m actually famous to escape real life, nobody likes me but this boy loves me”, to be honest, a lot of it felt very Hannah Montana. But hey, I am a sucker for Hannah Montana. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the book, it’s just not a great book.

We’d had bacon sandwiches for lunch whilst listening to Joel’s audiobook. We’ve only got two chapter left which means I’ll have a second book to add to my Good Reads list. I had no idea how good reads worked but my friend told me to get on it. I’ve quite enjoyed using it and seeing what my friends are reading and what they thought of books, plus I like the feature where it keeps track of your books and gives you recommendations for new books to read.

I did some Italian and French practise too and played some Brawl Stars and updated my bullet journal. I feel like my languages are really coming along. I always struggle with the speaking part. I just never sound like what I know I should sound like. But reading, listening and writing I’ve always found easy. I’ve just gotta work on the speaking, that includes Spanish too I think.

My spot finally popped today too. It’s been over a month. A MONTH. I have never been so grossed out by how much junk could come out of my face. And how much of a relief it was when it did. My entire chin has been painful for a month and finally it seems to be on its way out. Warm saltwater followed by Savlon cream worked!

We watched an episode of YOU and episode 2 of Celebrity Great British Bake Off, that was all the TV I watched today. Alex watched a lot more, but I just didn’t fancy TV. I’d got engrossed in a new book. Never Greener by Ruth Jones. I think she’s absolutely hilarious as Nessa and she just pairs so well with James Cordon writing Gavin and Stacey so I thought I’d give her book a try. It’s not what I’d have expected but I’m really into it. I’ll definitely read her next book when it comes out at the pushed back date of around October.

I have a glass of rose with my dinner, spaghetti carbonara. I used to love it, but now I just don’t. I don’t know why but I just don’t really like the taste, or the texture. I don’t know if it’s the blandness and the cheesiness or spaghetti dishes altogether because I’ve gone off bolognese too. I love crunchy, juicy food. Things with tomatoes in or peppers. But carbonara is quite a flat taste. A lot of cheese and no juice.

Reading never greener by Ruth Jones

Alex watched TRON on Disney+ and I read my book for another hour. I catch up with some friends and make a note to remember to go for an afternoon high tea with my friend when this is over. I decided that I wanted to do an indoor lockdown photography challenge so I looked one up on google, except none existed. None that are easy to do inside anyway. So I decide to make my own and post it. It will give me something else to do and give me a boost to post on my other Instagram. (You can follow my photography challenge here: Instagram)

Lockdown photography challenger indoor photo ideas

We head off to bed around 11pm after I’ve taken my “self portrait”… so a selfie, for day one. I should’ve just wrote selfie. But it felt more photographyesque if I called it a self portrait. That’s the gist I was picking up from other photo challenges. Selfie? Lame. Self portrait? Cool, edgy, PHOTOGRAPHY. Some though I’ve left quite open for interpretation, like sports. I think I’ll end up posting yoga, but anything active could come into it. Or something yellow, that could be fun.

Self portrait for lockdown photography challenge day one

Everyday is another day closer. Everyday is one day less. It’s day 16 for me, but around day… 30? For everybody else in Spain who was here from the beginning. We know we’re going to be spending at least the entirety of April in seclusion, so I’m just happy to be making a dent in improving my skills and working on getting my watch list and now, read list, down. Now, excuse me because there’s a beautiful sunrise today that’s just calling my name to be watched.

Until tomorrow at 9:30am.

Keep safe,

L x


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