Isolation Diary: Day Seventeen in Spain Lockdown

Before I talk about yesterday, I just wanted to let you all know that today (Tuesday April 7, 2020) I will be on BBC Radio 5 Live with Nihal Arthanayake between 13:00-14:00 U.K. time talking about the Lockdown and the COVID19 situation here in Benidorm, if anybody is interested!

Our toys in the reading nook

Monday April 6th 2020

Today was a heavy day. A whirlwind of emotions. One where we were so blissfully happy and then we weren’t. We went from happily talking about colours in the afternoon to me crying on a balcony at night with Alex hugging me. It wasn’t even lockdown that caused it. I think sometimes luck just isn’t on our side.

Reading my book after yoga

We didn’t do much else, yet in the same way, we didn’t have a minute spare. I mean, we had plenty of spare time if I didn’t read my book for 2 and a half hours, or if we didn’t watch a lot of TV. But hey, when there’s nothing else to do, this is plans. I studied my Italian and French and Alex went to work. He makes me a tea or a coffee before he opens his laptop to start the day.

Sharing fresh fruit with cavalier King Charles spaniel

I’d sat in the balcony room for quite some time today. An hour or so writing my blog with my coffee, an hour or so reading whilst Alex had a meeting with his boss. An hour or so looking out the window listening to music sharing a bowl of fresh fruit with Alex and Rio. We started with some hits of today, then it went to Spanish music and then it swapped to Cheesy Pop of the 90’s and 00’s.

I love music. Like all types of music. Much more than I love the TV and with the sound bar it sounds great. I thought there was an improvement playing out the new TV, but the sound bar and woofer just amplified it that little bit more. We watched some YOU today and an episode of Great British Bake Off, Joel, the one who’s audiobook we’re listening to, was in this episode and he’s just hilarious.

Wearing checkered dress and checkered bow

I had to do some social media work today. I caught up on my bullet journal and did my day two of the #LockdownPhotographyChallenge. Today was creative, so I thought I’d share a page from my journal with my little drawings in. I got dressed today. Like properly dressed. I put a dress on and a matching bow, to make myself feel productive. We did a lot of cleaning round the house too. I’ve also used our old picnic basket as a toy box for Rio’s toys and it’s made a huge difference to the tidiness.

Cute puppy cavalier King Charles spaniel

I decided to do a yoga for upper back pain, but I couldn’t get into it. I was too distracted. I had pains in my abdomen where it just felt like my body was constantly bubbling and I just wasn’t majorly into doing it today. I couldn’t get into the headspace to concentrate or enjoy it and found myself constantly checking the time.

The news has showed glimmers it hope today. Another record low for both deaths and new cases of COVID19. We might be truly seeing the decline and the effects of a real lockdown. One that’s been implemented tightly. Sure, people miss going out for a walk. Sure, people miss seeing their friends and family, but we’re doing this now so when we’re altogether again, the least amount of people are missing. The Spanish manufacturer, SEAT, have also changed their production line for a while. They’re making respirators. Apparently, with the wiper engine, they’re able to make respirators super quickly which are able to be distributed for hospitals. It means they don’t have to rely on other countries to ship them in.

The flights are getting less and less frequent but there are still flights in and out of Spain. The airports are getting slimmer and slimmer with options, but there are ways. These are mainly for getting people home, to their primary residence.

I’m sorry I didn’t have a lot to say today. I feel deflated at the thought of it all. The days are rolling together but I’m determined to keep going. Despite some setbacks yesterday, I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about today with the radio show. I didn’t do my ab blaster yesterday so I’ve already failed that challenge. With the pains in my stomach, I didn’t want to at the time but had planned to do it before bed. Which, obviously didn’t work out. Maybe I’ll do it twice today to catch up.

Keep safe,

L x


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