Isolation Diary: Day Twenty-One in Spain Lockdown

Friday 10th April 2020

Lockdown outfit day 21

Confession: I’ve had to google how to write 21 in English. It’s a day that I’ve dreaded since deciding to write them in words instead of digits. Is it twenty one or twenty-one? Believe it or not, I’ve spent three, yes three, days worrying about this.

It’s all a bit ridiculous isn’t it? Would it have made a difference if I added the dash or didn’t add the dash? I could just ask the maths teacher sitting in the room with me. Or I could’ve just googled it the second I thought about it. No, I don’t want to forget and then have to google it again. How ridiculous. The girl who can count to 30 in 4 languages, doesn’t know how to write it in English.

I think it’s because I need something to worry about. Apparently, in my head, the pandemic outside isn’t enough to worry me because it’s all outside and I’m constantly inside. But then I read a headline which does worry me:

“Spanish governments in talks of not allowing international travel until autumn/winter 2020”.

Sure, it doesn’t sound long, but it makes you wonder if Benidorm can survive without a summer. It’s only talks, but I know now to know talks is either scaremongering from others or it will happen. It’s already been so crippling for so many, having to meet payments without governments support and still being charged astronomical autonomy fees, the summer is what keeps Benidorm, and so many other coastal towns, alive throughout the winter.

I really hope it’s just a setback. Something governments will have to pitch together to help out. If people can’t travel internationally anywhere, then hopefully it will just be a delay back to normality. I hope we don’t start seeing language academies and private schools seeing a decrease. Hopefully, they’ll still see the importance of learning English and its worth of being the lingua-Franca.

I’ve tried googling about this in Spanish and English and nothing has came up. The only thing that was there was the Facebook post. I’m hoping it’s scaremongering but I’d totally get it they did keep shut. It would make sense. The lack of other sites with the news is the strange part. So many local papers are making up stories for clickbait to try and earn some money. It’s sad. Views at the expense of others. I only listen to official pages so if something else comes up backing it, I’ll let you all know.

“I didn’t watch any TV today!”, “Did you not?”, “No, think about it! You watched your cycling show and I just read!”, “Do you want a medal?”. I guess he’s right. Ha. I’m not sure why I was so amazed that I hadn’t watched TV for the day. I never used to watch TV anyway, and what difference does it make if I do or don’t watch TV?

Three weeks. First it was a week. Then two. Now, three weeks. 4 books, 3 series watched, 21 dinners, 19 breakfasts and who knows how many snacks. 21,000 steps and 21 yoga flows. 21 sunrises and 21 sunsets. Hours spent on the iPad? Pass.

We’re still sticking to routine. I’m still waking up sans alarm at around 7:15 and Alex still gets up about 7:45 with the help of ever-increasing in volume exhales from the dog. Rio is getting chunky. He’s getting to be a little lump. He’s getting actual rolls of fat. We’ve narrowed it down to I used to give him half a cup for breakfast and Alex has been giving him a whole cup, plus his reduction in long walks and his increase in treats has meant we’re getting a fat dog. We’re trying to run around playing with him more to help get his exercise up so hopefully that works!

Alex backing up photos from iPhone

We spent a lot of the day sat in the bedroom waiting for my phone to back up to the computer. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to download photos from the iCloud to your computer so you can wipe your phone, but it takes forever. After about 6 hours, we’d got to July 2019. Now, part of this is the immense amount of photos that I take. We were edging somewhere near 10,000 photos by the time New York came around. There are currently 24,473 photos on my phone. 24k! Who has the time to look at TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND PHOTOS!? So, a back up was needed but like I say, takes forever.

We did play some music through the sound bar while we were downloading which made it relatively better. We’d had our breakfast, I’d done my yoga for abs, Alex had did his exercise and I’d finished my 20 mins of languages. I started a new book today, “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” and I love it. From working in an autistic unit I can totally see how she thinks. It’s about a girl who is straight talking and SEN, she has zero people skills but thinks it’s everybody around her that’s crazy. Why would people like music? It’s just physics and normal people don’t like physics. Why wouldn’t she charge the person at work £2.80 for the Guinness they asked her to for when he offered to go to the bar and buy her something and she insisted and shouted in his face that in fact that she wanted to go instead. It’s also got an element of love in there so far and some evident past abuse, both from her ex-boyfriend and perhaps her “mummy”, who is in prison.

I’m already 33% of the way through the book so I want to finish it either tomorrow or Sunday.

My last malteaser in lockdown

While Alex was on the computer and I was playing on my iPad, I noticed a malteaser truffe wrapper hanging out of my bag. They’re my new favourite chocolates. I’ve gone off fruit and nut, who would’ve thought? Anyway, I go over to get it out, excited to have found one astray. It was empty. An empty wrapper from the plane. I stood there holding it with my eyes filling up… with tears. Real tears. With real laughter. But also real sadness. Alex is frantic to try and find one, fearing I’m going to have some sort of breakdown over a chocolate (hey I might’ve done!?) and with some form of fate, he found one. One tiny little chocolate to savour. Truly the last one though. That one has never tasted so good, yet so melancholy. My true last one.

We had salmon with rice, peppers and spinach drizzled with lemon for dinner. I decided Friday night, with salmon, meant I needed to crack open a rose wine too. It had been a tiring day, not doing much, but it still went quickly. It was a strange day to be honest. Not a lot happened and most of it was boring, but it still passed rapidly.

Salmon rice and peppers lockdown food

At 19:00 U.K. time, Asa Elliott is doing a Lockdown TV show on Facebook. I was on FaceTime to my mum just before, around half 6 and she was preparing herself for the show. Checking the time. Making sure she’d got her iPad. That sort of thing. I’d seen it on my timeline but I’m rubbish at remembering what time things start, or what day. I’d intended to watch Joel’s Finding Emo show on ITV2 but set the alarm for the wrong day, so we missed it.

Asa Elliott lockdown TV

Anyway, we ended up watching Asa’s show and it’s a real good laugh. Comments on is definitely a highlight. You get a real sense of everybody there, and some great ideas that come from some people… He sings a few of his songs live, it was the first time I’d tuned in but he sang Those Magic Changes which was cool as it was my favourite one from his set in Benidorm (other than Nessun Dorma obvs).

With Lockdown TV over, dinner finished and not a lot else to do, I spent some time scrolling on Pinterest. Dream homes. Dream weddings. Dream holidays. Bit of escapism. There’s no saying how long this will end but thinking about when it will is at least some form of escape. I don’t check the news now. It’s too depressing. I leave my watch to give me the real breaking news alerts and see a few when I’m scrolling down social media which have been shared. That’s where I saw the news headline above.

I also saw the U.K. had its worst day so far for deaths. I fear those numbers will only continue to rise and rise and rise until a real lockdown happens. A half-hearted lockdown isn’t going to cut it.

“We complement each other well.”, Alex said. “Yeah, I guess we do.” I replied. “We don’t argue about things like chores and stuff. I can’t imagine I’m easy to live with”. “No, we don’t. And you are easy to live with”. I said. “Good, you’re easy to live with too.”

And with that, I was asleep.

Keep well,

L x


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