Isolation Diary: Day Twenty-Four in Spain Lockdown

Before I write about yesterday’s day, I just wanted to remind anybody wants to tune in that today at 15:00 GMT. I’ll be on BBC RADIO 5 LIVE discussing the Spain lockdown along with three others who will be discussing lockdown where they are.

Monday 13th April 2020

Rainy  day in Benidorm

I felt nervous all day. Or was it anxious? Or slightly irritated? I’m not sure exactly what it was but I wasn’t annoyed with anybody. I was speaking normally with everybody, I had no issue with anybody and nobody had done anything to upset me. But I felt funny.

The entire day I was off. I just couldn’t work out why I felt weird. All day I felt like I hadn’t done something that I needed to. I was constantly waiting for somebody to call or message me to shout at me for not doing that thing that I should’ve done. Whatever that thing is, I’ve still not done it. I’d it exists at all.

Was it for the cakes social media? No, definitely not. I’d done way more than what I quoted to do when I started, and consistently do more, it can’t be that. Was it for the dance company? Maybe, but I’d done my bare minimum and as they screwed me over and got rid of me to hire somebody cheaper who doesn’t actually have the skills, it can’t be that either.

Everything ran through my head all day. Whirring around putting off other tasks. I ended up spending the best part of the day on the sofa. Majority of it was spent watching TV. We watched One Day at Disney, which ended up being a did not finish as it was boring and High School Musical The Musical The Series, which is good for a little trash TV.

Duolingo timer learning Italian

After I’d lounged around on the ottoman writing, and then reading my book, and we’d watched a bit of trashy TV, I set my timer to study my languages. The rain stopped and started all day which made me feel better about being in for the 24th day now. I notice France have just extended their lockdown until the middle of May, which inevitably I think makes ours too going to be that long at least.

Cleaning dog anti fungalmedicine

It was Rio’s medicine day, so Alex covered him in his ointment. Rio is such a good boy when he’s having it on. He lays on one side when Alex does it and then stumbles across the sofa to lay on the other side to have it put on the other side of him. He isn’t a massive fan of having it on, but he does cooperate. He’s still got a little of his skin fungal infection but it is clearing up which is good.

I can’t get over how many people are not taking lockdown seriously in the U.K. I keep seeing people challenge one another for really long runs and walks and stuff and posting times much longer than an hour. Even if it’s not law to only do an hour, surely if the government recommends it then you should at least do the decent thing and abide to it. In Spain, zero exercise is allowed outside so it means the people going out are only the people who are going out for essential reasons.

The Alicante Tram is still running but on a shorter service in some areas. The Benidorm to Alicante train though is still two an hour like its always been. They re-released their guidelines today in anticipation of some people going back to work. It says “Respect the personal distance of 2 metres, we recommend you wear a protective mask, avoid a crowd and exercise correct hand hygiene”.

Egg and runny yolk in lockdown

I had boiled egg for lunch and for the first time, Alex got them just right. Everybody has a favourite way to have an egg and I’m sure mine is the most difficult. I like it to be solid white but a runny yolk. Alex usually makes runny white and yolk, or hard yolk. But not today! I had a cup of tea too, I’m such a creature of habit. Alex always makes my hot drink (and cooks the dinner) and helps with the cleaning so there’s absolutely no way I could ever accuse him of not helping around the house because he does more than me but he took a photo of “hot drink” for his lockdown challenge which I liked.

Hot drink lockdown photo challenge

I’d played some Brawl Stars and read my book and did a lot of work today. Editing and building a video, creating stories, editing photos, replying to emails. It does mean the rest of the week shouldn’t be so hectic so we’ll see! I’m also getting nervous for the radio show too, so there is that looming.

At 7pm U.K. time, we watched Asa doing his Lockdown TV. It’s a good show he’s got with some live performances, memes and videos and shows some photos. He showed the photo of me and him outside Talk of the Coast last year so there’s my 5 minutes of fame. He did refer to me as Oliver’s brother though so I’ll have to let that one slide in favour of the fact he did give my social media and blog a little shoutout.

Watching happily ever after fireworks show

I got my hunger back and had chilli for dinner. For the first time in a few days I’d actually asked when dinner was, which was good. We don’t tend to snack much in the day, but I do like some crisps, an apple and a happy hippo or kinder bueno in the afternoon.

Rio eating an apple in lockdown

Straight after, we set up the Happily Ever After Disney fireworks show to start at 9pm. Just like they do at Magic Kingdom. even though they’re on YouTube you can still take in all the magic. I’ve watched the same video I don’t even know how many times. I just love the fireworks at Disney. No other firework show comes close to being as spectacular as Disney.

Alex watched Cars on TV and I spent an hour or two on the ottoman in the dark with the blanket over me reading. It was reaching on 11pm and I still hadn’t done my yoga, so I did a quick 6 minute ab blaster and then did a quick yoga flow in bed. I hadn’t done a lot today, but I felt like I needed it.

Today has just blurred past. No real purpose. No real reason to it. There was no structure and I felt it. I was agitated and fidgety but I guess it’s all to be expected. Spending so long cooped up must start to take a toll at some point. I guess yesterday was my some point. Like everyone, I’m looking forward to what plans we can get up to once this is all a distant, but very real, memory.

Stay safe,

L x


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