Lockdown Skincare with BIODERMA*

Bioderma beauty products review

As a lot of you already know, we’re currently in one of the toughest lockdowns in the world. We can’t go out to exercise yet and things have been pretty tough. But on the whole, if you’ve been reading my Lockdown Diaries every morning, you’ll know that in a weird way, I’m kind of enjoying it.

I’ve always kept up my skincare regime. Keeping up my skincare regime is something that’s been really important to me in lockdown. It’s kept my normality, it’s kept my skin healthy and makes me feel so much better. Good for the skin, and the mental health.

I often receive messages from friends now asking me what skincare bits and pieces I recommend to them and even some of you guys asking what I’m using, it’s truly one of the nicest feelings knowing somebody trusts your opinion. That’s why you’ll know I don’t post any old bits and pieces on my blog, for total transparency these three products were gifted to me to feature if I liked them. I wouldn’t be featuring them if I didn’t.

With Rio and Bioderma products

I’ll be sharing more of my spring beauty picks in a weeks time when I can get out and about and take some photos outside, but as I was recently gifted these pieces I knew I needed to post on here, alongside my social media. It’s been a bit crazy everywhere so my usual Spring Beauty Essentials post has been a bit delayed and pushed aside for lockdown content, but it’s coming.

I’ve used BIODERMA for quite a while now. In fact, it was winter 2017 when I first had an email ping into my inbox from a member of the marketing team at BIODERMA asking me if I’d like to try some of their new bits and pieces. I mentioned back then that I hadn’t heard of them, but nearly 3 years on and here I am still raving about that. Trust me, if you’ve ever asked me what skincare I recommend, the first one is always BIODERMA. It’s quite fortunate their name is in capitals as I do tend to shout it. Usually, the list follows with Clarins, L’occitane, Clinique and Elemis. I just love skincare.

There’s not been a piece of skincare from BIODERMA that I haven’t loved yet. Whether it’s the lip balm, the shower gel, the sun mist or the moisturiser I’ve loved them all. No matter which BIODERMA family they belong to, they have all agreed with my skin and been lovely, which is why I was so confident that the couple of bits they sent me the other week would be so well received.

Selfie holding micellar water

Back when I was first sent the Micellar Water, I had a message on Twitter saying “omg I love the Bioderma micellar water too but the blue one is a game changer”. Was it? I’d been absolutely loving the pink one and it truly was doing wonders for my skin. My mum loved it too… and Alex. I can’t say the blue one has been much different for my skin now I’ve tried it, but I just know I can’t be without BIODERMA micellar water. I use it at least once a day, sometimes again at night. Seeing the gunge that wipes off on to your cotton wool pad is so satisfying (and a little gross, sorry guys). I love it so much because it works. Whether it’s waterproof mascara or thick lip colours, it comes off with a sweep of micellar water.

Bioderma photo with Lauren
Hydrabio Bioderma

I was also sent the Hydrabio Serum, which is a gel instead of a cream. I was intrigued by this one the most. It was the one I was most keen to give a go. They say living in a city, a serum gel is the best choice for skincare so I was obviously well up for that, living in a fairly populated Spanish city. Of course, we’ve not really been out much so I can’t really say what it’s done in terms of pollution or anything like that, especially as there’s next to no traffic on the roads and no flights, but it does give my skin a nice glow which I appreciate. It feels super soft to put on and a real good addition to your skincare regime.

On my balcony with Bioderma

The last bit was the BIODERMA Sensibio Rich cream which is one of those thick creams that are perfect for damaged skin. It’s a soothing cream which has brought redness down from my face on a couple of occasions. It’s super thick to put on but doesn’t feel sticky or heavy once it’s on, but if you don’t like thick creams then bare that in mind. If you are after a deep nourishing cream then this one is definitely a solid choice. I’ve found it’s been a wonderful addition to my elbows and knees which are usually where my skin is driest. I know quite a few people have been experiencing dry skin in lockdown through lack of fresh air, so this does help soothe some of that dry skin.

Sensibio Bioderma cream

I’m always a massive fan of whatever BIODERMA sends me, so I definitely recommend these three, and I know you all already know that. I’ve also linked some other products from them that I love or have loved too. These were either previously gifted or bought by me. Just so you know, none of these links in this post are affiliate links, they will just take you directly to the feel-unique website. Of course, you can always just google the names and it’ll bring you to the same products on different websites.

My Top 5 BIODERMA products:

Sending you all love and I hope you’re all safe and well. I’ll speak to you all tomorrow morning for day 40 of lockdown diaries!

L x


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