Day 51 in Benidorm Lockdown

Sunset over Benidorm poniente

It’s hard to document what’s going on when you’re trying your best to be positive and supportive when deep down you feel sad and scared. The world is a strange place to be at the moment and it’s even worse when there’s things going on elsewhere and you can’t do anything to help.

There’s just so many things in this currently cruel world that I wish I could just take away and fix, but I can’t and it breaks my heart to know that I can’t fix everything. There’s so many people going through such difficult times and I just wish I could fix it all.

All I can do is be a pillar of support. All I can do is provide some comfort by being at the other end of the phone giving support to friends and family, or make people smile by taking you on a virtual walk around Benidorm or provide some comfort in a blog knowing that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone and there’s always support here and available.

I read all of the messages that people kindly left me on yesterday’s blog post but I just couldn’t reply. But, I want you to know that I did read them and I did get comfort in them. Now more than ever, the world needs us to be kind to one another, to be accepting of one another and to provide the support that we all so desperately need from each other. It’s times likes these when community is key. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. We can be physically isolated, but that doesn’t have to mean we cut off communication and sticking together.

We walked in the rain, life isn’t about waiting for the rain to stop. After all, with an umbrella and a jacket, what’s so bad about the rain anyway? With rain comes flower blossoms and green grass. With rain comes life. Even though it feels dull and grey right now, it’s the only way nature can thrive. It took a while for the storm to arrive, but by midday, the thunder and lightning were crashing over the sea making benidorm island an invisible feature of the horizon.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel provides comfort and support

I can’t say anything interesting happened beyond the normal and beyond a few tears. Dogs are the best at giving comfort, they always know when something isn’t right. Rio doesn’t tend to sit on me during the summer months as it’s too hot, but he’s been chambering on my knee and cuddling up to me for as long as he can stand, licking my face and trying to provide any comfort the can. Where would we be without our pets?

We listened to a chapter of Bob Iger’s audiobook whilst watching a silent walking video around Walt Disney World YouTube video. It’s nice to be able to relive the memories and see the places that bring so much happiness. Walt Disney world truly is my happy place. I love travelling and seeing new places, but nowhere brings me so much happiness like Disney world does. I can’t even explain it.

I tried to read some of The Note but I just can’t concentrate at all, I can’t get into the book either. I ended up watching some Family Guy and some Brooklyn 9-9. Just easy watching to try and take my mind off of thinking for a while. Anything to pass the time that seems to have come to a standstill recently. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, there’s just a constant numbing feeling in my stomach where I feel nothing and everything all at the same time.

Trying to read my book with Starbucks coffee

As I sit in the balcony room looking out at the sea and the sunset I hope for better days to come. We’re on a long road to a new normality but in time we’ll get there. And with every wave that comes in, I hope it brings positivity and love and light.

Keep strong,

L x


2 responses to “Day 51 in Benidorm Lockdown”

  1. acrossthewaterwithchelsita Avatar

    I hope you’re doing alright Lauren. Just remember, this won’t last forever.

    After a day of rain yesterday we woke up to a bright blue sky in Barcelona. I hope you have a sunshine-filled day too in Benidorm!

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