what is Benidorm Beach safety?

birds flying up from benidorm beach

You’ve probably heard a lot about Benidorm Beach Safety, or you might have heard very little, but I thought it would be helpful to explain what is Benidorm Beach Safety and what it means for tourists and locals alike. Benidorm Beach Safety was introduced as a new measure to help keep safety at the forefront during the COVID 19 pandemic which has massively affected and impacted Benidorm tourism, like the majority of the world.

Do I need to book a place on Levante Beach?

At the moment, no you do not need to make a reservation for a plot on Levante Beach. But should this process come back, I am going to explain the process and the details of the reservation system.

During summer, “reserva playa Benidorm” was essential to reserve a spot on the beach. It was highly recommended to do this online prior to heading to Levante beach, however, you were able to speak with the staff at the beach to gain a space on the beach. For those who made use of the service, they found that booking on the site provided better spots on the beach.

During summer, the process was done on the Benidorm Beach Safety site by clicking “book your space”, choosing the date and time slot, joining the queue system, then selecting the desired plot. After, you needed to fill in the details of the reservation holder and attendees, including children. They then would receive an email with a link to download the E-ticket. On the time of the reservation, they were able to present the ticket and access their plot on the beach.

Reserving a spot on Benidorm Beach was and still is completely free so please do not use any third party apps or websites claiming to do the process for you or acting as the Benidorm Beach Safety website. The only payment that is legit for the beach is if you’d like to rent a sun bed on the beach. Please do not be put off by the language barrier and think it’s worth paying somebody to do this on your behalf, because the website is available in English.

If you are reading this on behalf of a relative who might be coming to Benidorm, you are able to make the reservation for them by popping their name in the details and printing the E ticket off, or if they are competent with emails you can email them their ticket. If both of these are not an option, please reasure them that if and when the process comes back, they will still be able to access the beach by asking a member of staff to direct them to an unreserved plot.

There are three physical places you can go to reserve the spot, should the Benidorm Beach Safety reservation process come back into play. These are the Biblioplaya (the library on the beach just in front of Hotel Cimbel), Ametlla de Mar (just in front of the McDonald’s on the corner of the Rincon where the boat trips and jetskis are) and Plaza del Torrejo (the Levante side of the old town, right near Spasso restaurant).

How far in advance do you make a reservation?

Every day at 9:00am, reservations for the next day are available. Reservations can be made for the same day at any time as long as there are still plots available

What times can I book for?

You can book two slots and they are between 9am-3pm or 3pm-9:30pm. You can’t book a slot for a smaller time slot.

sunset over poniente beach benidorm

What is the opening times of the beach?

This is currently still the rules in Benidorm. The beaches are open for sunbathing on a plot from 9am – 9:30pm. You are not authorised to sit on a plot before 9am. However, walking and bathing in the sea is allowed from 7am to 8:45am. You are not allowed to access the beach after 9:30pm by law.

How many people are allowed on a plot?

The plots, which you are now allowed to enter by the authorised entrances and take a spot, are 16 square metres. 4 people over the age of 6 are allowed on a Benidorm beach plot. Or, 4 people over the age of 6 and 1 person under the age of 6.

Do I need to book a plot on Benidorm Poniente Beach?

No, the Poniente beach didn’t use the reservation system during the height of summer.

Do I need to book a plot on Mal Pas Benidorm Beach?

No, Mal Pas didn’t use the reservation system during summer.

What are the Benidorm beach restrctions?

benidorm beach rules

There are rules that are in place to “enjoy the beach safely”. For example, you must be wearing flip flops when walking towards or away from your plot (unless going into the sea). Children and adults are not allowed to play ball games on the beach. You must wear a mask when walking towards your plot, but can take it off once you’re in your plot and when heading towards the sea. For more information read the article about when you have to wear a mask in Benidorm. You are also not allowed to smoke on the beach or drink alcohol or have more than 4 people (or 4 people and an infant) in your plot. You must maintain a social distance on the beach and in the sea from people outside of your party.

Please remember to place all of your rubbish, including masks, in the waste bins provided.

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