An Audience with Derren Litten at Mateo’s Benidorm Review

Set up of Mateo’s bar bendiorm

On Monday 14th September 2020, just before Mateo’s Bar Benidorm announced they would be temporarily closing due to the current situation in Benidorm, I attended An Audience with Derren Litten at Mateo’s Bar in Benidorm.

I paid for my own ticket for this event and this is not an advertisement post. This is purely a recount of the event and a review of the day to give you an idea of what it’s like should Mateo’s Benidorm host future events like this one.

Tickets for An Audience with Derren Litten were priced at 25€ each. This included your entrance to the closed event and a merchandise goodie bag. Each goodie bag was waiting for us at our designated seats with our names written on. Inside, we had a few postcards, a sticker, a fridge magnet, a mug, a solana wristband, and a signed photo of Jake Canuso who played Mateo in ITV’s Benidorm.

An Audience with Derren Litten started at 3pm to an intimate but socially distanced audience. It was evident that cleaning and planning had been at the forefront of the event with all cleaning protocols and standards in place and guidelines regarding masks closely monitored. There was no standing throughout the event with drinks being brought to the table and a safe interpersonal distance kept between the audience and Derren Litten.

The show was an insightful experience into the background and story of Benidorm. For any Benidorm fan, it’s definitely worth listening to all of the anecdotes and stories that Derren Litten, and later on in the afternoon Jake Canuso, had to tell. There were interesting and funny anecdotes surrounding the cast, the show itself and even some behind the scenes unseen footage.

If video footage is what you’re into, you’ll be pleased to know that the show was nicely spread out between video footage and talking. It can get tiresome listening to somebody speaking for an extended period of time, but, as though it was ever in doubt, this wasn’t the case with Derren’s presentation. There was a variety of videos to watch, that included unseen footage and funny moments from the show, complemented with further information or a funny anecdote provided by Derren.

We were also given information about Derren Litten’s career and how Benidorm was born. Any Benidorm fan would be interested to hear the backstory which can only be told as passionately as the writer himself, Derren.

Part way through the show, Jake Canuso arrived to also provide his own thoughts and insights about the Benidorm TV show, and his own career in dancing and acting.

I won’t provide any information on the anecdotes or stories that were told by either host as to not tell another’s story and to not spoil it for future audiences. All I’ll say is all of the stories that were told were humorous and well worth a listen.

At the end of the show, there was a Question and Answer, where members of the audience were invited to ask questions they may have about either the show, the Benidorm TV series or anything else they may have thought of! This followed with the meet and greet section of the show.

Photo of Lauren Derren and Jake at an audience with Derren Litten

Due to the current climate, the meet and greet needed to be a socially distanced affair. This meant wearing a mask which could be removed for the photo as long as you remained seating and spaced apart from Derren and Jake. Of course, I’m sure in better times, this hopefully won’t be the case and we can look back on 2020 and never have to hear the words “socially distanced” and “masks” again.

Although Mateo’s is closed at the moment, it’s well worth going to visit once they are open and operational again. With plenty of memorabilia on the wall, there’s something to look at no matter where you turn. In fact, the more times you go, the more you’ll see! I’ve spotted lots of bits and pieces that I hadn’t noticed the first few visits. Even the toilets are worth taking a look at! There is so much detail and thought that’s gone into making the bar a welcoming and interesting place to visit, it should definitely be at the top of any Benidorm to do lists.

I’m sure most of you know now that I’m a fan of the cocktails there, though I will warn you to be careful of The Madge! My favourite cocktail from Mateo’s is The Banarama. The cocktails are really reasonably priced. The Madge is slightly more expensive than the others, but believe me, it’s a beast. It’s absolutely huge.

Cocktails at mateos bar Benidorm

Mateo’s is a Karaoke Bar, so when better times are here, it’s going to be an absolutely fantastic place to be. With cocktails, live music, karaoke and visits from who knows who, it’s bound to be a quality night out.

You can find Mateo’s on Avenida de Almeria 8, Benidorm 03503. If you’re walking from Morgan’s Tavern walking away from the Sol Pelicanos down Calle Gerona, it’s the first right after Hotel California.

Mateo’s Benidorm outdoor area

For up to date information about the reopening of Mateo’s Benidorm and to hear first about any future events they may host, keep a close eye on their Facebook page:

For daily Benidorm updates follow my social media accounts which are listed below.


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