2023 Goals and Intentions

I always enjoy writing out a goals and intentions for the year. It’s endearing to look back and see what hopes I set out for the year and how I envisioned the year going.

January is often a dreary and dull month for us all. That didn’t matter if you had the sun in Spain or not. January always felt a slump. There’s often some kind of expectation and pressure to start the year off with new resolutions and a whole host of new ways to be better and when we don’t meet these often unrealistic and unattainable goals and fall at the first hurdle we beat ourselves up about it and feel more of a resentment for January.

Having goals and intentions rather than resolutions has always felt more of a relaxed and fun approach for me. There’s never been an expectation that once it’s not achieved that there’s a problem. There’s never a big downfall for not quite hitting them. After all, it’s just an intention, not a must happen.

Writing out my goals and intentions this year is going to be a lot less far fetched than previous years. We’re in seemingly a new era of our family now, with new adventures and new intentions. But, travel is what we love doing the most, so even if it might look slightly different. We’re still going to travel and maybe find ways to travel and explore more of the United Kingdom and share some of the beautiful places here too similarly to what we did in Spain.

Without further ado, here are my 2023 goals and intentions.

Journal regularly

I’ve got my bullet journal, I’ve bought my embellishments and I have lots of stickers and printables so I’m really hoping it’s not a case of all the gear with no idea (of how to fit it in my day ha). I loved journaling back in 2020 so I’m going to try and bring it back!

Keep on top of my 1SE

Last year I spent so long trying to catch up that I just autofilled and it just wasn’t the best I could do. This year I want to keep on top of my one second everyday video.

Return to Spain for a road trip

Our old stomping ground and the place our daughter was born. We want to make sure she sees some of the places regularly growing up plus I’m desperate to head back to some of our old favourite regular spots!

Fix the damp in our home

Call this actual adulting. We live in a Victorian home so there’s a bit of damp downstairs that needs fixing. Any recommendations, ha?

Sort out the garden

It’s actually not too bad but there needs some paving going down and some hedges trimmed back and then adding some fruit and veg for Ines to grow. I’m looking forward to Ines and Rio being able to play outside.

Spend 1000 hours outdoors

With our National Trust membership I’m hoping this will be a doddle! I’m keeping track of the hours we spend and hope it surpasses 1000!

Visit Scotland

Such a beautiful country! I’d love to visit the Isle of Skye and head back to Edinburgh. Alex, Rio and Ines have never been to Edinburgh so it’s one I want to make a beeline for!

Pass University modules

This year, I’m juggling two modules (full time study) and part time work but so far so good. I just want to pass this year and then head on to my final year. I’m really proud of how I’ve managed so far and with only 4 assignments left to do, it’s looking more and more positive on the study front.

Travel to one new country

Very practical this year! After just buying a house, travel will take a backseat for a year or two. But, at the very least I want to visit one new country OR head back to The USA (which is a new country for Ines and a state we wouldn’t have visited together before so definitely counts!).

Here’s to 2023!


12 responses to “2023 Goals and Intentions”

  1. Sounds exciting Lauren and I know you will do it 💕💕


  2. You are a very inspiring young lady keep up your good work I love hearing about your adventures in life. You have a good man and a beautiful little girl, and of course not forgetting the lively Rio. Be happy and keep enjoying life. Lots of love to you all. Xx💕💕


    1. Thank you so much that is so very kind of you xxx


  3. Go for it Lauren xx


  4. A great set of 2023 goals and intentions , Lovely idea to list hour spent outside , sorting the garden is an easy way to help built that total without having to try to hard.


    1. That’s true! They do compliment one another!


  5. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll reach your goals in no time. Lovely seeing Ines grow into a happy toddler.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi there Lauren
    I love the spend 1000 hours outside as that’s something I definitely need to start doing does walking along levante beach count as about to book

    Liked by 1 person

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