Mog, The Forgetful Cat at The Curve, Leicester

Our 16-month-old enjoyed every meow-ment of The Wardrobe Ensemble’s creation of Mog, The Forgetful Cat.

The loveable classic by Judith Kerr follows Mog’s adventure throughout the year from stopping a burglary, causing chaos at the V.E.T, munching on eggs and stealing the cat show. She might be a forgetful cat, but her story is one we all won’t forget.

An hour long performance brought to life by a great cast ensemble. Taking a journey through the seasons with The Thomas Family and Mog navigating through the trials and tribulations of living with that bothersome cat!

Debbie (Maria Goodman) and Mr Bunce (Tom England) were particular standout performances for us, along with Max Gallagher for his wicked car stereo piece and the skit with his hamster. Georgina Goodchild played such a convincing and well acted cat that it was evident that kids and adults alike felt as though she was Mog! A special mention goes to the scene up in the attic with the lightbulb, for a background moment it was so incredibly well done.

There’s plenty of catchy song and dance numbers too, with “bother that cat” whirring around my inner dialogue for the last 24 hours! Mr Thomas provides a stellar ode to his favourite chair too, one all the dads in the audience will relate to! The two-sided costumes with pets and owners looking alike was an ingenious scene too.

We all got something different out of the production. Personally, as a mum, the highlight for me was watching our daughter fully immerse herself into the theatre experience. Clapping along and trying to join in with the audience participation. Theatre is a great way to step away from screen time, enrich the creativity and encourage the arts and promote language learning.

A highly recommended activity for half term in Leicester.

At The Curve from Tues 21 Feb 2023 until Saturday 25 Feb 2023.

Age guidance: 3-8 years

Running time: 60 minutes (no interval).

Tickets gifted in exchange for a review.


4 responses to “Mog, The Forgetful Cat at The Curve, Leicester”

  1. Looks great, pleased you all enjoyed it,you seem very excited as much as Iñes love the photo xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can always rely on you for a good honest review Lauren, thank you


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